Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday, in all of it's beauty and all of it's sadness and joy

A woman at our local church lost her baby, 
I believe at the beginning of her second trimester with him.
I went to this little one's funeral today,
and brought flowers, card and my prayers... and candles 
promised to light at home.
It was very sad but also full of Christ's love and mercy... 
There was a little coffin there, 
I am not posting a picture as it is not my story to tell,
but I kissed the top of this closed casket and to me
it felt like I had just kissed the top of a baby's warm head...
as we said goodbye... 
Oh for the Heaven with Christ and these little babies lost
too early!
Memory Eternal!!! 
After the funeral I took myself out for a quick lunch,
by myself, in the sun and cool weather of Autumn;
of course I was still feeling sad about this loss, 
so tea and a good lunch (with enough
for leftovers for dinner)
was a blessing.

This tea reminded me of a flavour of something I could not put my 
finger on, but I kept drinking and enjoying it... 

This is rather my new favourite lunch, I will admit. 

This afternoon I worked on my next essay
and had this snack.. I need to remember this simple 
snack, one cookie, a bunch of nuts for protein and a bite of chocolate,
and tea - and kombucha too! 
I felt quite revived after this later afternoon snack...
And soon Mr. Husband, DV, will be home.
I am so glad.


Nancy said...

Memory eternal! May God comfort the parents.

Mary said...

What kind of cookie is that? And tell me your favorite chocolate and hot chocolate, please. Thank you.

elizabeth said...

Mary, it is a Dutch Windmill cooking. I have many favourite chocolates and hot chocolates. I esp. love ones from Trader Joes for hot. I like Camino chocolate a lot, usually milk and not too dark. Depends.

karen said...

how sad for your church member. I love your protein sugar snack, looks delicious and nutritious!!

Matushka Anna said...

Memory eternal! What a blessing she was permitted a funeral in church.