Friday, October 21, 2016

The last few days (in pictures)

Wednesday ~ tea, salad, oranges, Trader Joes Marsala veggie burgers, Indian Junkfood, Kombucha...
a typical lunch in our home! :)

I used Taco spices, ground cumin, chili pepper, salt and pepper with 
some canola oil with these organic pinto beans... I mashed the beans after they were warmed,
making them a type of 'refried bean' as it were...
we had it with rice.  
It was OK but I would like to make it even better.... 
suggestions and recipes welcome! :) 

These Dutch cookies are vegan, we had them with tea :) 

Thursday I enjoyed some tea with milk... a black tea with raspberry, 
I find that I need to add more tea to my pot to really fully enjoy this one;
I tend to be a bit 'stingy' at times, and realize that some teas need more than a small
tea spoon of tea for a pot of tea... :) 
I am finding that I love and enjoy tea, and all sorts of tea, 
more and more as time goes on. 
I have lots of different kinds of tea and love figuring out
which one fits with the day at hand... 

Mr. Husband is working from home today, it's a rainy Friday...
and I found myself thinking that the tea that my friend M. 
gave me a few years ago,
that Ottawa's Green Door serves, 
would be the perfect tea for the day.

It was just the ticket, as they say!
Or as my Aunt A. would say, 
'it hit the spot'!
Warm, hearty, comforting and not needing milk
to be savoured.  Perfect for a rainy Friday.

We had the left over rice and beans (white plate) for lunch,
with fruit sides (kiwi and banana, plus watermelon),
a green salad,
Indian Junk Food (we only have a soup spoonful or so),
nuts, TVP 'bacon' bits for Mr Husband's salad,
salsa for the rice and beans,
a tortilla chip, 
water, almond milk, tea (ginger lemon + the twig tea as I call it), and OJ.
All in all, a lovely lunch! 
about a family who has a Thursday dinner where
lots of teenagers who need a place to land
go and are not only seen, but fed, nourished, listened to, seen. 
I have long wished that I could do something like this,
but I also know that if is just not what I can do right now,
given the life that Mr Husband and I have.
But I trust that God will bless us for what He wants us to do, 
and if we can't do other than that, 
well, it's as God wills...

And here's a picture of the beloved Cleo Cat. 
She's doing pretty well these days,
back to normal after our long time away.
I have some concerns on my mind that I can't really
blog about right now, but prayers welcome for them.
I am grateful for these quiet normal days...


Come Away With Me said...

The photo of your lovely blue and white tea tray from above is a real work of art! So pretty. I wish you could send us some rain. :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks so much! Wish I could send some rain! ♡♡♡♡

Nancy said...

Oh The Green Door...I miss that place!!! I used to live just down the street from it. Best tofu stir fry ever!

Gloriade said...

What a lovely table you have set. What a blessing to your husband you must be to care enough to take the time to present a meal that nourishes the soul as well as the body.

karen said...

those vegan cookies look delicious :) It's hard for me to eat out because I avoid dairy and I don't eat many meats. That is why I cook at home most of the time! You have a lovely table setting every time I'm here. I wish I could get into different teas but they taste "weird" to me when they are not my regular brew.