Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canadian Thanksgiving 2016 ~ this past Monday

Having only 1 week of recovery from our trip,
which was taxing to say the least,
I came across a simple menu that I realized I could pull off
in less than 2 hours before Mr Husband came home.
Biscuits! first time trying, really liked them!
A simple chicken, recipe found here.
Cranberry sauce (with less than 1 cup sugar but at least 3/4 cup)
Applesauce, Green Salad, Baked Potato in foil, 
frozen apple tartlet + ice cream for dessert.
I enjoyed this meal so much! 
Mr. Husband and I had a nice meal together...
I hope in future years that I can have people over for dinner on this
special feast, but was grateful for a nice home cooked meal with Mr. Husband!
(And Cleo who got some milk on a saucer!)


karen said...

happy thanksgiving two days late :) Lovely menu!

Paula said...

Looks delicious. You always set such a pretty table. I should have taken a picture on Monday, Ella did a great job getting the table ready.

You can tell that's a real, old recipe -baking soda and cream of tartar, no baking powder.

Lisa said...

Well, I guess Cleo is still hangin' in there - thank God. :) A Happy #1 Thanksgiving to you!
(what is Maple Cream? - looks intriguing)

elizabeth said...

Maple Cream ~ a gift from a friend! I just opened it for Thanksgiving! It's like a thicker maple syrup. It was nice on the biscuit! A bit runny but I had not had it refrigerated before opening...