Monday, October 24, 2016

Oh Monday, why do you have to be do difficult!? (+God's mercy)

Well, this has been a Monday.
Various things this morning seemed to be going wrong,
I felt quite discouraged.
My sister-friend texted me very consoling but also bracing words:
"...on St. Anthony's feast day (they were at a small church) and the homily 
was about St. Anthony.  The priest quoted him as saying, 
"perseverance in times of difficulty/adversity chases 
the demons away."
It helped me: I rallied and was able to do various things,
cleaning, phone errands, finished reading a riveting YA book
by Richard Peck, and researched a few recipies...
and got a lovely gift of three
Madeleine L' Engle books from a dear blog friend,
thank you Sara!
They could not of come on a better day...
and so I had tea and a bit of chocolate...
and began re-reading L' Engle's Walking on Water,
which I first read and read again and again at age 19...
I need to start on the other 2 she sent me, as those are new to me books...
but today, well, I was craving the familiar...
I was blessed by various friends praying for me,
when I said over a private social media channel that I was feeling
discouraged but a walk would help...
I know the prayers are what helped turn things around,
and my dear friend's words, 
all with the Lord's mercy...

And so I took my walk,
late this afternoon and am going to try to make it a habit...
one of the things that has been difficult for me is that,
esp. with the last year's discouragement about where I live +
getting so sick in Lent, is that
I have not been getting out enough and have lost 
some of the strenght that I normally have from frequent walks...
so Holland, where walking was plentiful,
was more tiring than it may have been if
I were in better physical condition...
I know I have to start slow on trying to get back on my feet,
as it were and I am hoping to just get into a better habit of
getting out, even if it is only a little each day....
and going from there.
Well, Mr. Husband is on his way home now,
I will make a simple meal for us
and hot tea and just be glad to see him... 
and thank God for the mercies of this day!
Mr. Husband and I are trying to do some small
extra prayers for everything, since the world (and country) we 
live in seems in so much trouble...
we are starting with a bit from this Akathist to the Protection of the Mother of God,
which is also quite bracing and encouraging!
I also refound a note about this song, 
which reminds me of my PEI/Halifax classically Anglican Friends
and I enjoyed another listen...


Paula said...

Such a pretty place to walk!

Juliana said...

Glad you were able to get out, even if the first part of the day was discouraging and tough. These are difficult days. Hang in there, my friend. At least the weather is cooperating.

Come Away With Me said...

Yes, it's the patient persistence that is the most difficult, in times of trouble, at least for me. So glad the books arrived and helped brighten your day a bit.

karen said...

sending you prayers and be kind to yourself. any little bit you do for the better is a success and then you build on that over and over and over again.

Nancy said...

Those books look interesting. Sending prayers for strength and encouragement.

Pom Pom said...

Hello dearie dear! I love Jerusalem! Thank you. I'm listening to it now.
God be with you today, Elizabeth!