Monday, October 10, 2016

Starting from the beginning ~ our trip to Holland

My carry-on luggage.
This red satchel, made by Nicole, was
really an invaluable part of my trip.
I used that + a large open canvas bag (kept in satchel)
for the times I went to a Market or to the Albert Heijn 
(grocery store chain in Holland). 
My carry-on suitcase was good, one that Mr Husband bought
me on my birthday; the only flaws of it are 2:
1. The handle is not that sturdy (the one that pulls out)
2. the width made it awkward at times and had to be carried in the plane itself.
The actual storage capacity, with various inside pockets, and some outside 
ones also, made it very helpful.

Meditation room in airport.
Husband and I spent some time there before going to our gate.
The icon of the Mother of God appeared to have, at some point,
a single tear drop... 
I read the Psalter a lot for prayers during our trip,
taking this pocket Psalter that we got as a very
treasured wedding gift. 

As seen in airport; knitting :)
I had a burger in the airport; it was not that good, much worse than expected
after the suggestion from an Amsterdam couple who were visiting NYC.
 We met 2 couples who were coming back from NYC on our trip over and both
thought that parts of the Natural History Museum were not updated from 1960's.
I am not sure what parts they were referring to and wondered if differences in 
perspective of what looks 'new' were at play. 
The flight over was smooth but quite cramped.
I was very unhappy with how old and small that airplane was, to be honest.
I maybe got all of 1 hour of sleep.
It took some time to recover from this physically speaking
and it is one thing we will do very differently, 
provided we go on another trip over seas - more time to recover 
from trips that get one in at 7 AM the new time (1 AM old time).
I need at least 2 days rest.

In Amsterdam airport.
I realized I needed some good lotion upon landing; dry skin + plane ride = pack some next time.
We were a bit confused at this point - 4 of us that is - myself, Mr Husband and my parents.
Needing SIM cards, needing train tickets, needing water, sleep... 
We had gotten separated and it took a while to locate everyone;
meanwhile, with most of us found, I went quickly into the Body Shop and surprised
the lady sales person for asking for only what I needed and being in such a hurry.
Fastest I've bought anything in a while, I think.

After this, we got our train tickets, but did not understand that the train had an accident;
a worker looked up how we would take the new train instead, 
I snapped a pix of his cell phone, we went to the new platform; 
then we were set, other than the fact that we had no water; and we did not understand
that we needed to wave our tickets over an electronic ticket counter before using the train
and again after we got off; so I grabbed all 4 of our tickets, raced upstairs and just had enough time
to get them all done and for us to be on the train.
Before this, I think, I had gotten 4 bottled waters from the burger king (so many US chains in 
Europe! we refused to go to any after this one time) as the BK was the closest thing to
where our train station platform was.
And then we were off to Groningen, in North Holland.
We had to switch trains because of the accident 
and Mr Husband and I had one big suitcase and we already
were beginning to see how difficult it was to travel by train
this way... my parents who were going for less time had only carry-on
luggage, so it was easier for them.
And so our trip took its first steps.
It would not be until later that I would understand how tired I already was
and realize how much of a toll I had in terms of strenght.
I remember, though, how excited we were and how
wonderful it was finally to be in Holland,
the land of our family, of Mr Husband's parents and my Mother
and more distant past, my Father. 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am looking forward to the next installment!

Jennifer Hays said...

I really enjoyed reading the details of the trip, as if this were your diary. I'm glad you included the good and the bad, it's all very important to how a trip unfolds. I'm looking forward to more. :)

elizabeth said...

thank you Jennifer, I really appreciate this!

Thanks Elizabeth, I hope you continue to enjoy!

karen said...

You may not know this (but you could guess) I am not a fan of flying and especially on OLD planes. Our plane to Santa barbara was perfection. The flight back was awful and just felt dirty. Love reading your ideas and thoughts and experience.