Wednesday, November 02, 2016

And so it goes...

We discovered a significant dust mite allergy in our home
this week via an allergist appointment.
So my days now are spent cleaning, researching for 
allergy related things (new duvet: check, new duvet cover: check, new pillow covers: check,
new vacuum: check) and more research...
So I am behind on everything, emails, baking goals, quilt goals, writing goals,
home-stuff goals, etc etc... 
Yet!!! My next essay will be up tomorrow, which is almost here.
I hope you like it; will try to write more about it soon...
It's incredible how much work and changes need to be done when 
it comes to allergies.
But thank God we can make the changes.
Whether I will ever have a routine that is stable,
it looks unlikely right now.
But that is how it is and life is not done according to 
what I may wish for it.
Praying that those reading this are well.
May God have mercy on us! 


Summer said...

All the best with cleaning. I love that table ♥

Zena said...

We had an eczema related dust issue years ago and I replaced all the bedding with natural machine washable items including pillows. So now I wash every week (except for the pillows) and dust dust dust all the time. It drives me crazy because where does all the dust come from?! I'm allergic to dust so I have those good dusters that you swipe the dust and throw the covers in the wash. Also we bought a Dyson vacuum, very expensive but so worth. Really picks up every thing and good for people who have asthma related dust issues or allergies. I'm glad to hear at least you have a resolution and you'll priortise it. At first it will seem a lot do to do but then it will just be part of your weekly routine. And your husband will have no more itchy skin.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Summer!

Thanks Zena!!! It is all breathing related things that we are fighting, thank God, no ecezema though I am hearing from others about dust allergy = ecezema... I researched vaccuums and bought a really good upright Miele vacuum... hoping it really does the trick!!!

Jennifer Hays said...

I've just been catching up with your blog. I'm sorry to hear about the dust mite allergy, that sounds like a hard one to manage. I think there must be dust mites everywhere. Hopefully vacuuming and washing will help a lot. I'm looking forward to reading your story. :)