Monday, November 07, 2016

Monday ~ Slowly towards on point + new book on St. Porphyrios

Mondays ~ whew, tiring.
Cleaning is caught up now.
Laundry, almost...
I am needing some quiet.
I can tell that I am physically quite tired
as well as emotionally,
last week was hard with all the adjustments and changes.
I am still waiting for some allergy things to be delivered....
Cleo saw some small birds and was doing her 
version of 'fierce lion-cub huntress' sounds, 
it was cute/funny...
Used the new dusting e-clothes today, they seem very durable.
We got a new shredder (we use it a lot and
ours was an old 'open' one with no enclosed basket, 
with a towel under it, totally ghetto and totally a DUST bucket).
So 43 lbs was carried up by me early this afternoon, was a bit intense,
up 2 floors of stairs...
I got a new small book on Saint Elder Porphyrios,
it's a talk that was given in Greece and later translated.
I am hoping it will be of help/comfort.
I am re-reading, again, L'Engle's Wrinkle in Time...
I love the familiarity of it and
the well chosen lines, the sense of home,
homecoming and themes of humility, family,
Found a lovely little interview of Madeleine L' Engle
that I think many will love - and seeing her 'live' as it were.
I know I did... 
Enjoying listening to this tonight...

Praying for peace for us all!


Lisa said...

I hope your husband is a little better. Another thing I forgot to mention is guaifenesin, which is the active ingredient in Robitussin cough syrup. Or Mucinex. It thins out the thick stuff, which is very helpful to me - I practically live on it. I'm ALWAYS glad to see Cleo!

Summer said...

Kitty at the window looks so cute ♥

Nancy said...

Hope you get some rest. Enjoy the book on St. Porphyrios!

karen said...

all your de-allergy stuff makes me want to clean my house :) I hope you found the quiet you are seeking. I am focusing on much needed tasks around here!