Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Most Beloved Saint: Revealer of light: St. Phanourios


I am so happy to introduce you to my latest essay!
St. Phanourios, many of you know,
has been very special to me, for many years.
Today I begin a 4 part series on St. Phanourios,
to share the joy and light my life has been given,
because of this special Saint!
The first part begins...

"Years ago, in late September, I was at my sister-friend’s parish in Ottawa for a weekday liturgy. Afterwards, an older Greek lady gave out small pieces of bread called “Phanouropita” for St. Phanourios.  I have never had such good tasting bread. It was the perfect balance of sweetness and spices; surely it was made with prayer! Nothing tastes so good as when it is made with love and prayer. I remember the priest, after the liturgy, doing a small prayer to St. Phanourios before the lady handed out the bread. I think this priest told us a bit about the Saint as well. I remember being interested, but had no idea, then, how much this Saint would mean to me as time went on. The lady gave me more than one piece of the bread. I remember giving one peice to my spiritual father in Ottawa; later he also commented on how good it was. At the time, I wrote how light this bread was, how filled with joy I felt at receiving it1.

About that time, Sister M. mentioned Saint Phanourios as a Saint who helps you find deep things, like spiritual fathers. I already had a spiritual father, but I had a lot of other things I needed to find: a job, a spouse, direction for my life. I was not abandoned in this search—within 2 years time, St. Phanourios was involved in my finding and marrying my Husband. "

You can read the rest here on Conciliar Post and here on my 


Martha said...

Wonderful...thank you for sharing! When I was young, my parents would pray to him. I remember one day when I was about 7, I came home from school to find that I didnt have my cross around my neck. We prayed to St. Phanourius and my dad drove to the school that evening. The janitor helped him look and they found it on the floor of our school library!

elizabeth said...

Martha, what a wonderful story!! thank you!!! He's a wonderful Saint!!!

Nancy said...

I can't wait to read more. His prayers are what I need right now.