Sunday, January 15, 2017

9th Day of Christmas with a wonderful small Christmas dinner party!

We had a wonderful dinner with 
the Munchkin and his Mother!
We rested a lot in the morning hours.
Mr Husband was very tired after socializing,
and I felt it too. 
We kept the dinner simple, using a rotisserie Chicken and pre-made
Idaho potatoes with butter mashed potatoes,
heating up both in the oven.
I used my polish pottery covered baker for the potatoes,
which worked perfectly!
The little truffles and cookies were our 
Christmas gift from my sister, perfectly timed
and I was so glad to have such an easy dessert option! 
It was such a wonderful time of fellowship,
enjoying Christmas Crackers, reading the jokes,
wearing the crowns, giving gifts
and being together.
Mr Husband loved the great brain books when he was a 
child and it was a delight to give a copy to our Munchkin.
He also loved the Mad Libs, which Mr Husband also 
was fond of as a kid.
We also gave an icon of his +father's patron Saint,
which the Munchkin really loved.
I told him also that our priest Fr. D. was so glad to hear
that we would be giving the Munchkin 
this special icon at Christmas this year.
I savour these special Christmas times
and it was so wonderful that we did not miss it this year, 
even though we did miss much of earlier Christmas.
Mr Husband and I talked about how we still had Christmas this year
and still had and have Christmas joy,
even in the midst of the sickness. 
Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!

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Nancy said...

I'm so glad you had a good a time with the munchkin!