Monday, January 30, 2017

Saturday ~ blessings and beauty at the table

Time is a funny thing,
Saturday seems so long ago, and it's only early Monday afternoon
right now! 
Well, we made it to our local church...
Our car battery was found to be totally utterly dead
on Saturday afternoon...
We are still more tired than normal, so I was thankful
that Mr Husband agreed to going out to dinner
Saturday night to a middle eastern place,
we both got lamb dishes,
a really nice treat
and a very big meal! We will have left overs until Monday
night or Tuesday lunch! 
We've also been enjoying some Chicken Soup that we made
from the roast chicken leftovers that we froze from my 
belated 40th birthday party... 
I laminated some icons and such things on Saturday as well...
it was a full and good day.


GretchenJoanna said...

Homey scenes, to be sure. I see that someone is reading Pilgrimage to Dzhvari, a book I read and enjoyed, but hadn't thought about for a long time....

elizabeth said...

Thanks G-J! Yes, I am reading the P. to D. and am really enjoying it!