Saturday, February 18, 2017

+Patrick's funeral and Mercy Meal

I told Mr Husband that +Patrick timed things perfectly:
Funeral Liturgy for Soul Saturday
(a day we pray esp for the departed world wide in
all Orthodox Churches)...
Psalter Reading, then the 6th and 9th hour,
then Liturgy, then the Funeral service,
then the Burial, then the Mercy Meal.
The Roses at the funeral were incredibly beautiful...
the icons of St. Patrick (one given by dear friends of Patrick
a few Christmases ago) and St. George from Patrick's icon corner,
were so wonderful to see throughout the service...
I am not going into detail about it here, but the Orthodox
Funeral Services, to me, are the most healing,
the most freeing, the most natural way to deal with what
is most unnatural - that a person with an immortal soul dies and 
is put back into the earth he/she came from.
I have personally been deeply healed from unresolved grief of 
20 years by having a memorial service done, years ago,
for my dear childhood friend Timothy Mark.
Hard to believe that this summer will be his 30th year since
we lost him on this side of Heaven.
It was so wonderful to be at +Patrick's funeral today.
I am deeply grateful to the Lord that He gave me
the strength and health to bake for the
Mercy Meal.
I was able to give the 8 mini-loaves of
Cranberry Orange Cake away in memory of +Patrick
and had good amount leftover that DV will be used 
for the church coffee hour after liturgy tomorrow,
Mr Husband printed the icons of St George and St Patrick for 
dear friends of Patrick and myself...
and let me buy (and pointed out to me!) tins of tea as a 
comfort to them and to me as we grieve...
We took a cab to the funeral and from the mercy meal -
they were at different places... 
My Husband is still on the weak side of recovering 
and it was over an hour drive each way.
We had really nice cab drivers....
We ate simple food for dinner,
including Pascha bread from last Pascha,
which somehow seemed deeply fitting,
as the true resolution and healing of all pain and loss is found
in the Lord's Holy Pascha.


ann lynagh said...

The beauty and detail given to Patrick's funeral was lovely.My uncle's name was Patrick.Very sweet man.
Your baking looked exceptional as always and I'm sure received with pleasure and thankfulness.
Very best wishes for continued health improvements for you both.

Ann Marie

GretchenJoanna said...

May the coming week be full of more healing in every way.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Memory eternal..... and hugs to you and Mr Husband.