Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Feast Day with a Memorial Service for our +Warden ~ with gifts and baking


My Husband and I had a ride to the Feast Day liturgy.
Many of my candles were blessed!
We had a memorial service (panahykda) for our Warden...
his full Orthodox name is George Patrick... 
The picture of the chair is the one he would sit in always.
We miss him... 
My Husband is really weak right now again,
was exhausted this morning, could not keep warm, pale.
He perked up in the afternoon but also took a nap, was still pale
when we went out to the diner for a fish dinner date, for the Feast Day.
Please pray for him, for us, for Patrick...
I am hoping to bake some more for the mercy meal on Saturday.
I am hoping to make a lemon pie, some brownies, more koek.
I always make Koek for times like these... and it's vegan, travels well...
I may bake a second pie, cherry perhaps.
I want to honour Patrick this way... 
Thank you so much for our prayers....
We were given 2 belated surprise Christmas presents today!
Such treasures! Infused oil and vingar, Ukrainian sweets and tea (strawberry green!) 
and the cutest tea towel...
There is going to be services for our +Warden Patrick Friday night but my Husband does not have the strength to go to this and the funeral on Saturday.  
He goes back to doctor tomorrow (pre-scheduled earlier this week).
Thankfully my Husband got a new jacket (his old one wore out) and
I am so glad he has things to keep him warm.
Lord have mercy on all of us! 


ann lynagh said...

Dear Elizabeth,

The chair is so poignant,but we can know he has a special chair in heaven.
Mr.Husband has had such a hard time and you also,keeping the home fires burning when flu stricken.
I remember my lovely Dad buying me a new warm coat when I was over stretched financially.I felt so loved and warm.

Warm regards and prayers,

Ann Marie

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for the repose of the soul of your beloved Warden, may his memory be eternal. The sight of his empty chair moved me to tears.

Heartfelt prayers for Mr Husband's health and much love to you all.