Friday, February 03, 2017

Just like that ~ first quilt finish, a lovely lunch and a celebratory tea

Last night Mr Husband and I got talking
and I was lamenting how this week went so differently than I had hoped,
and that I had wanted to quilt towards the beginning of the week
and here I had not done one stitch on my quilt and tomorrow was
Friday and Saturday is quilt guild meeting 
and I had so wanted to have a finished quilt to show them, 
finally after almost 2 years of quilting! 
And so Mr Husband said to me that I should not make the soup
I was planning today and instead quilt as it would encourage me...
since I was feeling that I had gotten nothing done
and here I was hoping to resume my writing (on Concilar Post) soon
and try to get back into things but my quilt was not done...
And so, after a lovely lunch, I pinned the binding and quilted!
I am quite excited about this.
I called my quilting friend and she congratulated me
and said now you are a quilter
and I am so glad...
I had a celebratory tea after :)
So... in other news, 
Mr Husband is still weak and pale, though he is able to get some
things done that have been on our list for months
in terms of paperwork things.
He's still stuffed up with the head cold,
but it has not gone to the lungs, which is what
we are trying to keep from happening.
We have our house blessing this Sunday night.
I am hoping to do a lot between now and then:
 quilt guild, cleaning and making a pie.
We are staying local which will help.
We will see how it goes.
We are praying that Mr Husband will continue
making gains and that good health will come to us 
meanwhile the elderberry syrup is delicious
and I hope to make that garlic and onion soup soon, though it may have to wait 
until Monday... but that's OK... pacing one's self is 
more important than getting it all done at once,
and we have really good chicken broth for Mr Husband to enjoy
Now I hope to work on my goddaughter's quilt!!
Next week of course...
I am so excited to have our house blessed,
it always feels so new, fresh and clean afterwards,
it's a really blessing.
PS: the stir-fry cookbook is one that we found at a library
book sale late last year... I am hoping to make something 
from this sometime soon!

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Nancy said...

Congrats on finishing the quilt. It must be a relief to have it done.