Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Warden is Dying and We Are Praying

I got word late last night,
just before I posted the prayer request,
that our elderly Church Warden had suddenly 
fallen very ill and was taken by ambulance to hospital. 
Already yesterday morning I was asking 
St Nicholas to be with him
(I know first-witness in person stories of him coming to those who are dying
to help them) and was asking Christ to give him a good Christian death.
I prayed, late last night/early in the morning hours
Romanian friend prayed as her own father was dying a few years ago.

I prayed the version that is in this book...
Our priest and his Matuska (a priest's wife) are with our Warden, as are others.
My friend, one of the priest's beloved daughters, called me in the early 
afternoon and put the phone to the Warden's ear so I could say my goodbyes.
As I wrote my friend earlier today, and then told my Husband:
"So I was able to tell him that I loved him, that he reminds me of my Grandpa John the way he would talk to me and tease me, that I love him very much, that I prayed the Akathist to the Protection of the Mother of God for him and lit candles esp. by St Nicholas for him, that the Mother of God would be with him in this and St. Nicholas is near to the very ill.  And that we are talking about him a lot at home, thinking about him and that we love him very much."
I can't remember if I told him that I have the lampada to St. George lit for him,
but I had and have it lit for him, as well as one to St. Patrick, two of his 
personally very special Saints....

I am so very glad I had this blessing,
to say my goodbyes to him.
Later, I was having a new pot of tea.
 I realized how bewildered I was as
  I knew I need sugar for my tea but 
forgot that the sugar is in the sugar bowl, next to the creamer.
I thought I had to get up to get the sugar, not realizing it was 
right there in front of me...

I still have all the lampadas lit.
Mr. Husband is still in NYC.
He is going back to work with possible
doctor's appointment for later if he relapses.
He has known our Warden since 1991 and for years lived in
the same town as he did; with a few others, 
they founded their (and now mine also) church
together, so they have been working together for a very long time
and we just love him very much.
My Husband got to give his goodbyes over the phone;
when I did my goodbyes I started to cry; my Husband told me 
he nearly cried, which is really saying something.
I learned to cry freely years ago, but everyone grieves differently
and I know my Husband and others are going to miss the Warden very much.
I was going to make our Warden a special chicken dinner...
I even had a list of what he wanted... but we just never were able to...
two years ago we were all set to do it over Canadian Thanksgiving,
but I got sick... it was so disappointing...
so I never got to make him the dinner I promised him a few years ago...
This is what he wanted:
Roast chicken 
Mashed potatoes little butter
Cherry vanilla ice cream 
Vanilla cookies
I hope to do this dinner one day in his honour...
Meanwhile, we are praying.


Lisa said...

How heartening for him that you were able to give him your love and encouragement over the phone; you have a close community of believers, it seems.

elizabeth said...

Lisa, yes it really was such a blessing to be able to talk to him via the phone; yes, we do have a close community of believers, a real blessing!

GretchenJoanna said...

May the Lord make his parting sweet.