Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Tuesday ~ Wet and Wiley

Let's start today's report from the end,
this old crock pot / slow cooker,
the smell of onions cooking slowly, with garlic, ginger,
chicken and chicken bones with liters of filtered water...
so simple, such a delicious smell.
It will be done by 5 PM tomorrow...
I hope to get 2 soups out of it and am so so glad for this! 
The rest of today...
I struggled.  
The weight of 5 weeks, of continued concern and care for 
my beloved, a pile that seemed unending of things to do,
and feeling inwardly barren, to say the least.
I lit a thick blessed candle and that steadied me more than anything.
But it was a struggle.
Made beef broth for lunch, with triscuits, chicken liver pate, cheese,
salad, clementines.
Made hamburgers with multi-grain English muffins for dinner,
with salad... black tea, mint-rose tea, decaf black tea, more mint-rose tea...
Lots of dishes washed, dried, put away, and then all over again;
NYC was wonderful yesterday and that sunshine!
But we left after lunch and those dishes were waiting for me yet 
this morning... I find disorder to make myself feel as disordered,
of course I know this is a real weakness, 
but there it is...
Social media was my main communication with the outside world today,
of which I was very grateful.
I am hoping to make a lemon pie this coming weekend, 
after I made the soups.
I am hoping to do a small grocery run tomorrow.
I ordered my first tart pan, with a removable bottom, today,
for this lemon pie I have long wanted to make...
Snow is expected Thursday, potentially a lot.
Mr Husband was to have end of week doctor's appointments, 
so not sure how that will play out.
10 inches of snow may derail it, if this snow does come.
Thank God we have plenty of everything we need.
I have the roast chicken, still frozen, up here in my kitchen fridge's freezer,
but that we had ordered catered chicken and pork for, (organic, etc etc).
So that's great.  Plus bread to warm in the oven, so much tea to enjoy,
and all else... I am reading my new book and am enjoying it.
So much to digest about this part of culinary culture and the past.
The beautiful tulips and the eucalyptus in vases are both such 
pools of brightness for me.
The opportunity to get out tomorrow, and a good end of today,
make me feel anticipation for such things
and the fact that my kitchen counter is clean,
the slow cooker is doing a soup,
and that I have hope to get out tomorrow,
are all great blessings to me.
As are all of my kind friends here, who read these words... 


Juliana said...

Snow predicted for us too--I think the kids may end up being home tomorrow. Oy. I guess it is a good thing I've been stocking up on classic movies to show to the kids at some point.

Sorry things are still so difficult--these seasons are hard sometimes. I know this struggle well. I'm finding it extremely helpful to be off social media right now, but I know that is not for everyone. I just feel so much better without it.

Be of good courage.

Much love to you.

GretchenJoanna said...

Your new book looks really interesting... mostly because I have enjoyed the voice of M.F.K. Fisher in several of her books. I was just wondering if I will ever read a few more that sit on my shelf unread. I didn't realize that she had met with those other famous food people; if her writing is featured in this book I probably would like it. :-)

Jennifer Hays said...

Thinking of you, Elizabeth. I'm so glad you're finding things in your day to feel uplifted and inspired by. I hope things look up for you soon.

Martha said...

It's really been a long road to recovery! I hope you both are 100% soon. Your birthday still sounds like it was lovely. The French press and 4 mugs are a beautiful gift.
P.S. Thank you for your prayers!