Monday, February 06, 2017

Monday Adventures: NYC!

A very busy and good Monday was had for me, at least.
Sunshine! going to NYC after lunch!
Doing errands, seeing a new NYC Park, with beautiful trees,
and green leafed bushes... 
I came home early, to get the farm-to-table food delivery...
we had grocery delivery this morning
and in the later afternoon, I was at Trader Joes, 
stocking up on fast-friendly food (Lent is coming!),
had a chai tea latte (good but too much sugar)
and my first macaroon, (vanilla, did not realize how soft the 
outer shell is, but also very sweet),
and I made it home just in time for the last delivery,
before I had even put all of my Trader Joe's food away...
We are now stocked up on bone broth for Mr Husband,
we even got some jarred meat and chicken liver pate for him.
The tulips are a belated birthday present,
I just LOVE them!!! 
And I had just been thinking how I would love some
beautiful tulips in the house! God is so merciful to us!
We also got some belated Christmas presents!
A book I had been wanting!!! 
and Mr Husband got a wonderful hand repair set and
a get-well-gift of a wonderful (and vegan!) chocolate bar...
I put the chocolate away for a later Lenten day :)
Mr Husband and I talked briefly on the phone before he had dinner in NYC
and cabbed back home (he ate at work)...
I had so much goodness in my red cart (oh my goodness was it heavy),
was delighted in stocking my pantry with some new things,
and many staple things, like coconut oil, when he told me
that he needs to see 2 more doctor-related people,
plus his doctor, after hearing how he is doing, 
promptly told him he is not returning to work yet.
This is week 5 of him being so unwell that he can't be at work.
That was hard for me to hear, 
my poor beloved Husband!
Thankfully, and never fear, he is being well-taken care of by his
place of work and we are not in any sort of trouble by this,
we are so so blessed -- and I realize this very very much.... 
So, I am thinking of doing sewing on Wednesday morning and
DV have a friend coming Friday for lunch...
so this is a real blessing.
It's fast free week!
I've realized that to help Mr Husband I need to do 
some things in a week that keep me going,
so I am grateful for these plans... 
I am praying for Mr Husband to recover...
and I appreciate your prayers very much!
God is with us...

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karen said...

oh my you make me want to go to nyc!!! Love your photos :) We always have fun but we jam pack a trip so that you cannot sit and rest, very busy!