Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First Tuesday in Lent

Lent Day 2.
I managed to take a small walk and
went to our 1 local coffee shop... 
I got a tea to go, ginger...
I don't stay at the shop as the music
just does not work for me,
but it's a nice space in itself...
I got groceries delivered,
had a great talk on the phone,
and I cooked up brown rice, and cooked
(seared) dry scallops for dinner,
these instructions helped a lot for this!
We went again to our local church for the 
My Husband, who is still regaining his
strength from being ill, has a lot of work stress right now... 
more than he has ever hard, I think...
and the loss of Patrick and the work that he has to do in this regard...
It just feels like everything is piling up on him, on us
and it's really hard.
I wrote this to a friend the other day:
 It's been a real learning curve for me, like a new class: 
101 for Wives with Sick and Stressed Husbands ~ Survival Techniques and More! 
... but of course it is also this class, that I am re-enrolled in often:  
101,102 & 103: Trusting God in Troubled Waters and Remembering His Love 
and Almighty Arm that Shelters You. 
My Husband is trying his best to handle all of these things and 
I find him very valiant.  
Lord have mercy on us and save us!


karen said...

I hope and pray your husband's stress eases. My husband has been stressed from work and is kind of burned out. However, his duties will end mid - May (currently temporary dean of graduate studies) and he will go back to being a professor. I hope this helps him!

GretchenJoanna said...

May the Lord comfort and encourage you both through these wonderful Lenten services of the first week.

Paula said...

The cold that ran through the house this month settled in my chest and flared up the asthma again. which means extra inhalers and prednesone if it won't stop soon. It's hard to be sick for a long time.

Do you have any suggestions? I'm looking for Bible readings to do with Ella over Lent. Most things I can find online are for 'activities'. I don't need that, I need readings to fit into our school day.

ann lynagh said...

Dear Elizabeth,take heart! I often have to retake "God gives us one day at a time to live that day only" class.We can only pace ourselves and trust in God,plus our homes can be havens from stress and pressure.Im retired but used to take off the days stress with my coat as I entered my home.
Warm wishes
Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Karen ~ my sympathies! that would be stressful for him, I can well imagine!

Thank you G-J!

Paula ~ am thinking and inquiring of others; will email you...

Ann Marie - your words are always so kind, thank you. We are trying... I rested a lot today, really needed it. I try very much to make my home a haven and agree with you 100% on that need...

Tracy said...

What a delicious plate, Elizabeth! I must add scallops to a Fish Friday menu during Lent now. Thank you for the idea, and link how to prepare. And vegan broth too. Be taking good care there... and my God gently hold you & your husband during these days... :) ((HUGS))