Wednesday, March 01, 2017

First Wednesday of Great Lent, 2017

I had a quiet day;
a long talk with my sister-friend, so nice, it has been months.
I was really worn out today and took it easy.
I watched a cheesy Christian film,
knitted wash clothes.
Read a bit more of Laurus
{so ends my #lentenkal + yarn along section of this post!}
Mr. Husband took me out for Lenten Middle Eastern food,
I had lentil soup and bread.
We also ordered some for tomorrow.
I do hope to make a soup soon, but at the same time, realized
I needed some re-coop time, and Friday is going to be a busy day....
A trip to continue working on Patrick stuff, and I hope
to go to presanctified liturgy back at home, 
afterwards... if the weather holds and our schedule can happen
as we are thinking. 
And then we went to the 3rd section of the 
Canon of St. Andrew of Crete....
Below are some sections of it that really struck me tonight,
I how repentance and seeing oneself to be a sinner in great need of repentance,
that this is always in conjunction with trusting in God's mercy
and not despairing. 
My Ottawa spiritual father once told me that I needed to keep at an
exact 50/50 balance the fact that
I am a sinner and that God loves me.
I find that the canon has the same balance,
and that it is a very deep text, 
as in we can think we are a sinner worthy of hell
but at the same moment, we do not despair of God's mercy.

And that was Wednesday of the first week of Lent.
I do hope to get a more active routine for Lent yet,
but today I just had to do a lot of resting... 
I am weak and the culmination of the stresses of the past 2 months
got to me a bit again and I had to take a breather so that I can resume
life... thank God for His mercy and that I could be at church tonight.
I am seeing such mercy in God's care and in that I rest.


Lilly's Mom said...

Greetings Elizabeth, You have been such a blessing to me in so many ways. I'm so grateful that I have discovered your blog. It brings back such wonderful memories of the time I was a part of an OCA parish in Washington. My best to you, Pat xx

GretchenJoanna said...

What a nice restaurant to go to today :-) There is a Middle Eastern restaurant in my town and its offerings sound really good just now!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love the Canon <3

Another of my friends is reading 'Laurus', and if both of you are enjoying it, I think I should invest in a copy too!

Blessed Lent to you and dear Mr Husband!

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Many thanks for stopping by my place again, and with Lent blessings and wishes. It was sooo GOOD to go to Mass last evening for Ash Wednesday. I like going to church in the evening. Something really comforting about closing the day that way, receiving communion before the day ends. Anyway, here we embark on a deeper journey to God's love through Jesus! :) Lent is so special, I do appreciate this season much. I need to be reminded to repent of my sins, that I am as sinner. And I need to be reminded too, that, in spite of my wrongs, God holds me in His love. That His mercy endures forever. We need Lent so much! Like you today, I realized a lot was going on, that even my preparations for Lent needed to be slowed down a bit. So time for rest, tea and much Lenten reading & prayer. Your day of rest looked so sweet! Your Middle Eastern meal... sooo GOOD! There is no restaurant offering Middle Eastern cuisine where we are--have to go to a big city. I love such food! Oh, but your knitted dish cloths are sooo PRETTY! Love the colors. Is that Sugar n' Cream yarn you're using? Very fun the ones that look like Christmas candy. :) Blessings to you & your husband... and lovely Cleo too! ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Pat ~ thanks so much!!! That is so nice!!

G-J: yes, a perfect place for Lent!

Elizabeth ~ I think you will love this book!!! I know many who loved it and said they could not put it down!

Tracy ~ thank you so much for your kind words!!! (I wish you were on Instagram!!).. yes, sugar and cream yarn for sure! I love it so much!!! I too love evening services at church! I am so glad that you are so blessed by your church!! :) Love back to you!

ann lynagh said...

Hello Elizabeth,I must say,I am not a cat person but Cleo has changed my mind!!She is adorable.Alas,I have a jack Russell terrier,so no cats here.Although I keep rescue rabbits in my retirement and my dog lives in relative harmony with the bun gang.
I also,like Tracy,love evening services but my daughter needed "mumming" after a necessary but unpleasant hospital test yesterday.
Your meal looked delicious,
Warm wishes,Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Hi Ann Marie! It's nice to share loves in common, including evening services! :) I do hope that your daughter is fine now; it is wonderful that you are nearby to give her this care! Cleo is one funny cat... more grumpy than when she was young but still cute and playful!

ann lynagh said...

Aw thanks Elizabeth.She doesn't read here,so I would covet your prayers.after being a midwife for ten years and now a child protection role,she is struggling to have her own family.We hope and pray!
Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Hi Ann Marie, Oh, that is a hard struggle... I have friends in this too, very difficult! God bless her!!! Will light a candle for this today... <3

ann lynagh said...

Bless your heart!i will light a candle for you and Mr.Husband-I hope you are both coping with your sad loss and health challenges.
My daughter is called Helen.She and her husband live two minutes away,I'm very lucky.God bless x