Monday, March 20, 2017

Lately, Here...

Restaurant at hotel Mr Husband 
and I stayed in last night. 
Intense days.
 I had epic insomnia Saturday night and could not go to liturgy, 
as I could not really function. 
Mr Husband had a parish counsel meeting 
so he went ahead to our far-away church. 
I cabbed to Patrick's house in the afternoon. 
G. and family joined us and we packed with extreme carefulness 
all of his Mother's dishes that were in the China cabinet. 
We stayed overnight as my Husband had things to do for Patrick's estate
 and I went back and continued packing and cleaned the China cabinet. 
If you can have reverence cleaning a beautiful China cabinet and dishes, I had it. 
The sun shone in, I had classical music from the UK playing on my phone,
 that Patrick would of loved, 
and the beginning of the book The Scent of Water came to mind,
 about 2 woman who were caring for a newly departed 
who spoke of going out on a stream of living water....

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