Thursday, March 02, 2017

First Thursday of Lent. Pressed down but not destroyed.

Today started with a heavy heart and ended with
a much lighter heart.
My sister-friend texted me the cutest pictures this morning of my 
godson and his baby sister, 
and I got word that my godson wanted to talk to me on the phone!
He was so cute, he just tells me what he is doing or about things he is thinking about...
he got Danny the Champion of the World and the BFG, and 
preceded to tell me what BFG stands for 
(Big Friendly Giant of course!)...
and how he is bouncing on things and that he wants to 
eat chocolate chips...
I can hear so much his Dad's voice and enunciation of words,
with a lovely Canadian accent...
He's over 5 years old and already reading words... he told me today that the phone said
'TALK' on it :)...
I may just be a proud godmother :)
And later I talked to my Grandma and we discussed our week,
what we are baking and cooking and such things..
I miss her... she told me about her Mother's Orange Cake that had
broiled icing that she never thought to ask for the recipe,
and does not know where her Mother's recipe box went... 
I wish I could find that recipe!
My Husband and I will be off doing things for
Patrick tomorrow... hard to imagine he is gone...
My Husband had good news today and is less stressed now at work,
Thank the Good Lord.
I keep meaning to make soup and then don't make it.
I think I am just really tired and in need of more rest.
But it will get better and I am looking forward to good things tomorrow,
God willing.
I loved that cranky picture of Cleo by my lunch today.
She is not liking the Lenten fare and that I did not let her
try it! :) ;) 
My Godmother and also a priest I know here
are having medical procedures tomorrow ~ please say a prayer for them....
Almost through the first week of Lent!
Lord help us to have the Lent You want us to have!


GretchenJoanna said...

Poor Cleo - I say that, but I laugh at her faces. I'm afraid she looks as I have felt a few times this week. But the Canon of St. Andrew services in particular have been wonderful for me, as this is the first time I've ever attended all four parts during the first week of Lent.

Be of good courage! (And be sure to get enough rest!!)

Tracy said...

I like how you still have some twinkle lights up to cheer the winter days. We do that too. :) Your home looks so cozy. And how beautiful is you church. How sweet your talk on the phone with your Godson!! Very glad your husband is doing better, and not so stressed out with work either. Hard to recover when stress is in the picture. Poor cranky Cleo... ;) She does look grumpy... LOL! Prayers for your Godmother and priest... And may the Lord continue to bless us this Lenten season! ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

G-J: Yep! I laugh at Cleo everyday!!! I found this picture to be very funny!!! :)) NO milk!?? No people food?? no MY FAVOURITE wet cat food this instant??? OUTRAGE, I OUTRAGE! Cleo says... :)))) ... I am so glad you have felt so blessed by the Canon of ST. Andrew, it is a very special canon!

Tracy ~ yes, I learned to have these lights a long while ago and my Husband's dear Godmother does this too! :) ... Yes, very hard to recover when stress is in the picture!!! Cleo is a lot crankier as she gets older, we love and laugh... :)... thank you for the prayers!!! HUGS back!

karen said...

so happy that your husband's work is less stressful. So important and what a relief!

Helensmum said...

Hello Elizabeth,good news about Mr.Husband's work! It is certainly beyond stressful when our livelihoods are challenged,I've certainly had similar concerns but God has been so gracious to me.
Warm wishes as always,Cleo is hilarious!
Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Thanks Karen!!! Yes!!!

Ann Marie, Yes!!! Exactly. God is very merciful!!! Thank you! Yes, Cleo is so funny!!! :) (ps: lit candle for your daughter at church last night! :) )

Helensmum said...

God bless you my friend!we live differently because we have hope(Pope Benedict).and we have hope as Easter beckons.
Ann Marie

Rachel said...

What a beautiful church. I grew up in a Ukrainian Orthodox Church that looked very similar.

I think this is the first time I've seen your kitty, she's very beautiful!