Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Prayer Request for Another

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Many, at least us who are Orthodox,
may know the book that
walks kids through death
and what an Orthodox funeral is like...
and the comfort of Christ's Ressurection... 
The book is called
which is published by Pascha Press.
I can recommend this book highly and have
it stocked in our church bookstore.
The author, Marjorie Kunch, who is 
just a year older than myself,
at 41 years old,
had a routine mammogram and found out that she
has breast cancer.
You can read more here, at her page for updates and
support, including financial, which is needed.
She starts chemo tomorrow.
Please pray for her!
She has a loving husband and two young children and this is all very
sudden and very difficult!
Lord have mercy on His handmaid Marjorie! 

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Martha said...

Lord have mercy on Marjorie. She's young, may she be strong and trust in Him!