Monday, March 06, 2017

Sunday with Monday, Second Week of Great Lent ~ with prayer requests

Sunday, a few pictures.
Managed to do Sunday School and a small book sale.
There was a lovely children's sermon...
it was good to be back at our far-away church... 
Monday...I managed to do some reading, some editing, 
some phone calls and had dinner for us, with the soup I made earlier.
Prayer requests...

~My Aunt H. has cataract surgery tomorrow.

~I have been using the Amsler Grid lately to check my vision,
as the ophthalmologist had recommend I do this...
My right eye is not seeing it properly, I found out today,
though I am not seeing what is happening in my case on the research
I did on this graph; basically the right eye,
the horizontal lines are not staying stable, are curving down and 
moving around fast, as if they were a game that is 
constantly winking/moving.
So, I dragged myself to the phone
(I really dislike dealing with medical stuff) and called my
Ophthalmologist and go in early afternoon to NYC on
So please pray for me for that.
Mr Husband is just back to work, we hope, full time, now,
since getting ill in the very beginning of January. 
I found this short piece by Mat. Ann Lardas to be very 
encouraging, do take a look!
I did some editing for DV future essays and that was really helpful,
reminded me of all the blessings I have, pouring out so generously 
from God's merciful hand. 


Tracy said...

VERY much hoping and praying your Aunt has a good surgery today, and recovers well from the cataracts removal. :) And hoping VERY much all will be well with your right eye, Elizabeth... that perpetual winking must be pretty uncomfortable. Praying for you, and that all will go with your appointment tomorrow and finding a solution. God Bless you, my friend ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Thanks Tracy! :) .... I can't feel that anything is wrong with my eye - the only thing is that maybe it feels a bit to big, as if it when I close my eyes, my right eye feels a bit odd, as if it does not fit exactly right under my eye lid, or feels somewhat heavy; the winking is what my vision is doing to the Amsler Grid when I look at it without only my right eye. Anyway, I very MUCH appreciate your kind comment and your PRAYERS!!! :))))

ann lynagh said...

O poor you Elizabeth!I'm not great with health appointments,the natural ageing decline in vision sends me into a spin.i am now less short sighted,all expense to change glasses and contact lenses! I find a nice coffee in a favourite cafe or a small treat helps me deal with appointments.
I hope the news is good or treatable tomorrow,eye wise,
Warm wishes,
Ann Marie

ann lynagh said...

Meant to add my prayers for your Aunt's surgery.Glad Mr.Husband is stronger.

Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Thanks Ann Marie! Thank God, my Aunt's surgery went well! She is staying the night at her daughter's and is happy! Yes, I am thinking that the diner near the eye doctor will be a good choice for this treat! :)

Emmie said...

Prayers to Saint Pareskevi for your eye. I am so glad that Mr. Husband is feeling better.