Saturday, March 04, 2017

Friday and Saturday ~ first week of Great Lent 2017


In brief:

First Pictures are of a woman's celebration of her husband who was an 
electrical engineer and died 6 years ago.
She spoke of how God (and her husband!) have been active in her life,
how even when she was a sudden new widow, wondering
what to do about mowing the lawn, a neighbour did it for a full year...
she spoke of how so many people came to help her and how
she was taken care of in her time of need...
I found this to be really encouraging.

Friday afternoon I took MANY pictures of Patrick's home.
I am not sharing any at this time for various (including legal) reasons...
My Husband is very busy with helping with Patrick's things 
and was off doing this while I went through his home,
seeing many things for the first time,
as he was slowing down by the time I moved here and unable to 
go upstairs any longer.
I was very touched by his Bible and prayer books, both
worn out with much use, over the years.
Patrick's house will be lived in again in about 2 months,
so we have a lot to do to make this happen and are going
to do what we can to help. 
We are glad we can do this... 

I finished another washcloth.

Pre-sanctified liturgy and the blessing of Koliva for 
St. Theodore... on Friday night...

Today I finally was able to pick up the clutter around the house,
and make the soup I had been meaning to make!
Used this recipe but omitted butter/cream/chicken broth
and used a organic margarine, vegan broth and pureed the
soup when I was done. 

I am dreaming of freshly baked baguette with this soup,
with salads for dinner this coming week.

 I was telling Mr Husband that this Lent is going to be a lot of work
regarding Patrick as it is a responsibility that we knew was coming
before he passed away... 3 weeks ago this coming Monday... 

So I missed quilt guild again.
I am not able to get to much writing on my essays at all.
I just have to trust God for the seasons of life that He gives us and 
that everything has a time and place in life. 

And that is the first week of Lent, already at an end... 


Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, Your church is exquisitely beautiful. I love seeing churches that have been built to show such honor and love for God. So many (including mine) are just so modernly multipurpose. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I love my church. I know that you will do great honor to your friend Patrick as you help to get his home and possessions in order. Blessings to you as you celebrate Lent.

elizabeth said...

Gloriade, thanks so much! Yes, this is my local church; both of my churches have a lot of beauty, though they are very different in size and style! :) I think the beauty of a church is so important... thanks for your words of encouragement about Patrick; I hope so; there is a small team of people working together on this...

GretchenJoanna said...

I love that you have all those candles in the middle of your dining table.

Mary said...

Are you ok?

elizabeth said...

Mary, we are doing fine, thanks!

Mary said...

Thanks be to God. Blessed Lent to both of you. Be well.

elizabeth said...

thanks Mary! We are trying to do so!!! Blessed Lent to you as well!