Tuesday, March 14, 2017

And for all that...

Well, the blizzard was cancelled!
We had snow and lots of freezing rain.
Power stayed on.
We are so thankful.
Enjoyed the freshly baked bread and cookies today.
Mr Husband worked from home,
as pretty much everyone who could did!
I folded lots of laundry,
did research for helping with Patrick's house,
much more to do there and plans underway,
made lunch and dinner.
Had a much needed hot bath.
And found myself realizing that my whole self
was just whirling with the last few days
and all the work and that I really need
to have some quiet and rest tomorrow... DV.
And that was today.


ann lynagh said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I'm so thankful the weather wasn't as severe as anticipated! Also that you are so diligent and prepared,your homemaking is lovely.
I must say,I found the arrangement of Patrick's lovely home wares very touching;how lovely that they live on with you.
I hope Mr.Husbands throat didn't progress,

God bless,


GretchenJoanna said...

It does often sound like a whirlwind that you are the center of. I hope you do get that quiet and rest that you need. So thankful that the blizzard didn't materialize!

Tracy said...

Whew... what a relief! I'm so glad to know that you are OK there Elizabeth, and that the storm wasn't too bad after all! May the white quiet outside be with you much inside, that you may all rest there after some busy days lately. :) I'm waiting to hear how my family in PA fared from the storm, I'm thinking they are very OK since the storm passed you so lightly there... This week I am slow to visit. My husband has been under the weather with a cold--on top of allergies, he's been very poorly. So I have been playing nurse a lot--much making of chicken soup, aromatherapy diffuser topper-up'er, etc. :) Be taking good care there... God Bless you all! ((HUGS))

Pom Pom said...

Oh, I am so glad it wasn't as bad as you thought it was going to be! A hot bath is a great idea on a snowy day.

Lisa said...

Glad you didn't lose power!! These enforced rests are kind of an adventure, aren't they? :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Ann Marie, I am glad you see how special it is to have some of Patrick's things here; I feel the same.

G-J: yes, that is a good description! I did rest today!

Tracy, so sorry your Husband is feeling poorly! will pray!!! I am sure you are doing a great job caring for him!!!

Pom Pom, yes!!!

Lisa, thank you! yes, a bit of an adventure for sure!