Monday, March 13, 2017

Whoosh: Patrick, baking and blizzard preparations + prayer request

I woke up to the Blizzard Watch being a Blizzard Warning for
our part of New Jersey and for NYC.
I've been working on prep since Saturday, when I made a soup.
Today I got my baking done.
2 tins of vegan! chocolate chip cookies;
two loaves of bread + 6 rolls;
4 small tins of Koek, 1 medium, 1 large.
I moved veggie burgers, English muffins, batteries up
from our garage freezer as we have no indoor door to it
and the snow may block us from getting in, etc. 
I have jars of filtered water; we filled the tub
for toilet flushing, if we lose power;
we have lots of wool blankets; Mr Husband bought a 
hot water bottle, as if we lose power but not gas, we will
still have our stove top to heat water.
Mr Husband bought gauze and medical tape...
he burned his wrist when he put it over the 
electric kettle that does not whistle and had 
steam coming out of it; it's a second degree burn, 
blistering... it does not hurt him now, but was quite painful last night.
We have a shovel upstairs if needed; 
we could get up to 24 inches of snow.
I ordered a new phone battery bank (a portable charger for the phone) on 
Saturday and impressively Amazon delivered it the next day...
we have an older phone charger as well, both are charged,
our phones are charging, my digital camera batteries are charged...
We have done everything we can think of...
We will see what happens.....
We were at Patrick's after church,
we worked the afternoon and evening,
with a nice dinner break.
We ended up not getting home till 10 PM,
then my Husband had his wrist burnt,
after we were putting away the things that we brought from
Patrick's home; it was a good but intense (emotionally) time.
The beautiful lamp in the picture above is from Patrick's study.
It's such a treasure; we worked on the kitchen a bit and 
I was given a beautiful silver coloured bread basket, some
kitchen things and some baking tins.
I treasure them and have used the two bread tins 2x already today.
It feels like such a good way to honour and love Patrick,
as we miss him and keep praying for him...
I can't stress what a special time yesterday was for us...
So, Mr Husband got home, was doing fine, we had dinner,
did some things, (Koek baking for me!), and then did our prayers.
And then I found out that for the last hour or so, my dear Husband's
throat has been sore.
This really worries me.... he got the flu last March, in Lent,
and it began with a sore throat.
He went to bed already with it still being sore.
He had his first full time week last week...
as you may remember, he was sick full time 5 weeks and then
on half time 2 weeks... for flu and subsequent illnesses. 
Please pray that he (and myself) do not fall ill...
We are as ready as we can be for the storm that is coming.
Now we pray and wait. 
I am remembering again the three prayers Elizabeth Goudge writes of:
Lord I adore
Into Thy Hands
Lord have mercy.


GretchenJoanna said...

My goodness, so much going on, and potential adventures in weather. I will pray for you both.

Lilly's Mom said...

I have forgotten how brutal winter can be. I'm glad you are prepared. Your baking looks so nice. Maybe i should try making your koek recipe. My prayers are with you, Pat xx

elizabeth said...

Thank you both for your prayers!!! L.M.: let me know if you make the Koek!

karen said...

I pray all is well with your husband's health!!