Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday feels like Friday

(I could not resist putting in this photo,
I find it really funny.  Sadly the problem it is 
dealing with is real and I know not just a problem here!)

Yesterday I got my hair cut!
Was time and I am glad to have it ready for warmer weather! 
I have really thick hair, so thinning and layering is best!
I got to go on some walks this week,
which was really great.
I could not resist getting out the teas I collected in Holland...
I am hoping that my parents can come as planned (DV) this summer
and I plan on having some of the tea then, to celebrate
our special once-in-a-lifetime trip to Holland last fall.
I get really homesick for this special trip at times...
just being with my parents, in the country we are from,
it was so wonderful... I think what I loved most was just 
being with them, enjoying food that we bought from the store
and taking walks together... 
it's slow reading but really good...
I savour the time I can actually just read and take notes.
I really want to get back to writing essays again,
it's been a real challenge as we have had so many other hurdles to deal with...
next up is going to be another trip to NYC for my right eye's problem...
I will probably get another shot in the eye, so I welcome all prayers,
as it is something I hope will be healed without further things needed... 
Today I hope to get more done on my long list.
It's really a balancing act and I feel already that I am running out of time.
But that is life and I just pray that what I am supposed to do
day by day is accomplished,
by God's mercy!


Helensmum said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I have a dog and fines for not scooping "the poop" are high in the UK. dog walkers take potential health risks to others seriously,Aesthetics aside.
My bathroom renovation is nearly complete,but as you say,that is life.Its been trying and expensive.
I sincerely hope your eye behaves and is co operative,it does not sound fun.
I really enjoy seeing your meal tables,such care and attention.

Warm wishes

Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Thanks Ann Marie! Yes, I wish that the scoop problem was better here than it is (and then there's the geese!) ... oh well! :) Glad that your bathroom renovation is nearly complete, yes renos are never easy! Thanks for your good wishes!!! God bless you!!!

Lisa said...

Yes, it is definitely a balancing act! :D (and a struggle) :)

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! How lovely the pleasures of a hair cut, walks, tea, reminiscing... :) I'm with Ann Marie--I so much enjoy seeing your table lovlingly prepared! Wish we had those doggoe doo boxed here, as not all do owner are conscientious avout picking up after their can ve a messy problemmin someplaces. :(. Very much praying and hoping yur next eye treatment will solve the problem... and you have one less worry. :). God Bless you! ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

Lisa ~ yes! very much so! :)

Tracy ~ thanks so much for your kindness!!! I feel that my tables have been a bit on the messy side but I do love each one!!! Thanks for the prayers!! God bless you too!!! HUGS back!!!