Sunday, February 05, 2017

A Sunday with Many Blessings

We made it to our local church for liturgy this morning.
he is still looking for a new home and we need to keep praying...
Had a nice lunch at home...
And lovely black tea with milk!
And Mr Husband listened to the first CD and some of the
second CD of the Tolkien Ensemble that
and OH! it's so very lovely!!!
Some of the first songs sing of such joy
that must be at the true centre of things,
of all the good, all that is of God,
the joy, the hope, the wonder that children have
and that adults often forget that they can
have, at least in part, if only a scent that makes
the heart rise and the hope within fly to the
surface, seeing everything with a sudden
dew grassed wonder of drops that look like crystal
of green lands with fresh breezes of life,
of fragrances that breath life into everything...
Mr Husband and I talked about it,
how this joy, this sense of delight,
it cannot be bought or even sought for itself
but only awakened or remembered, as if 
waking up from a bad dream or an adult life
of dreary day grey days to find that
there is this patch of sunshine that is making 
everything light up with this joy
that is suffusing everything,
that which children glimpse or even see
but that we forget is really there...
I told Mr Husband about a woman I knew years ago 
who years before that had this incredible experience in 
Church, I think it was an experience of God's love,
and afterwards, she saw later, she was trying to 
recreate the experience and in so searching for the
experience itself (and not God who gives it),
she ended up in a very bad way,
with deep troubles
because of how she was trying to fill her life up
with what she once experienced...
So these times, we must remember them
and rejoice in such music that can suddenly awaken the
memory of the joy that is still part of God's reality,
we must not seek the experience but the one who
the experience is from and is in...
This came up because Mr Husband was telling me about
Tolkien's book the Silmarillion and how the jewels that are so 
beautiful in it are sought and by so doing destroy the seekers... 
Anyway, after this our far-away church priest came and it was 
wonderful, we have the short unction service with anointing for healing
and then the blessing of our home! 
With Holy Water splashed everywhere (my sewing machine,
with cover on, was blessed too!) and my Christmas tree and lights shining,
and then we walked over to our dear friends house 
and their house was blessed
and then we had such a lovely meal,
so delicious!
My pie was good, but it got quite watery,
I need to figure out why.
I am not sure but thankfully it still tasted quite good! 
And Trader Joe's French Vanilla Ice Cream added
that last bit of deliciousness! 
And so it was all so lovely
and hard to have end, as we love 
seeing friends so much...
Our home, when we return to it newly blessed,
always seems not only so clean but new, 
like we just had Christmas and our home is happy
and clean in a way that only can come by 
prayer and blessing... 
Our friends young daughter did her prayers
and thanked God for the Father-priest and his blessings, and for 
the Matushka (priest-wife) and then for Mr and Mrs Husband and
Mrs Husband's (my) hair (which newly washed was curly and long).
Isn't that the cutest thing?!
Our home, when we return to it newly blessed,
always seems not only so clean but new, 
like we just had Christmas and our home is happy
and clean in a way that only can come by 
prayer and blessing... 
Tomorrow I hope to go with Mr Husband to NYC,
he back to doctor, I doing errands.
We are hoping that Mr Husband is on a 
healing trajectory.
Thank you everyone for your comments about
asthma, etc, they have been truly most helpful and kind,
thank you!
And thank you everyone for your kind comments and prayers!!! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You had a very blessed House Blessing!

Lisa said...

I had forgotten about that group who does the Tolkien music - I listened to some of it on youtube, and it was amazing. I have tried to read the Silmarillion more than once, and keep getting sidetracked, but I intend to go back to it. It took me a long time to be able to even contemplate reading it!

GretchenJoanna said...

I'm so glad you were able to get those CD's and that they please you both :-) Your comments about the joy -- so true. In the last few years I have had the experience of God's joy falling on me, and it is such a gift, nothing I could have orchestrated or expected.