Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday ~ Soup and Sorrow

I must tell you about the Chicken Noodle Soup that I made
after an early lunch....
I had such fun making it, going between recipes, adding things as I 
went and remembering sustaining soups I had in the past.... 

A Delicious Chicken Noodle Soup

4 tlbs butter melted, with one large onion put in 
melted butter, on lowest setting, covered for 8 minutes until
onion as translucent. I also had 2 cloves minced garlic and approx
1 tbs minced raw ginger (peeled as was the garlic).
Then I melted 4 cups chicken stock (that had additional garlic, onion and ginger)
into this mixture.
I added chicken meat later, once the chicken stock was all melted in 
(literally melted as it was frozen).
I sliced about 5 smallish carrots into round pieces and cooked them in 
my fry pan with 1tsp butter for 3 minutes.
I had 1/8th cup flour with less than 1/3 cup stock, strained,
and added to 1tbs or more melted butter. 
This made a thick yellow paste.
I put this in the soup, before the carrots actually.
Then the carrots if I remember right!
I microwaved about 1 cup or more milk for 1 minute 30 seconds in my
microwavable creamer and then added about 1/3 cup (a big spoonful)
sour cream to the milk and whisked it together with a spoon.  
When well mixed, I added to the soup!
I added more chicken meat and it all came to a boil, which I then simmered.
Meanwhile, I broke big thick noodles into about 1.5 inches or more 
and when the soup was at a boil, added the noodles too!
(these were from Trader Joe's).
Then this boiled for about 10 more minutes.
It was a lovely soup, buttery (1 whole stick was put in by the end!), a hint
of sour from the sour cream; we salted and peppered to taste 
in our individual bowls.
I was quite proud of this soup and got the recipe from 3 places +
my imagination: 
 I combined a 1945 recipe from Fannie Farmer called "Duchess Soup" 
the Veloute stock base from Julia Child's the way to cook book & her tips on creme fraiche
and the new basics cookbook which has the thick noodles and gave me a sense 
of when to add and how long to cook.... plus
and my own additions (ginger! garlic!)
+ memory of a sustaining Chicken Soup
 that we had at a Friendly's (thick noodles, milk in broth)
 just past the Canadian boarder Stateside!
I was rather proud that my Husband quickly ate
2 or 3 bowls of it!

We made it to our far-away church
and learned that our elderly Warden,
who had a stroke and later pneumonia,
is declining.
We hope to visit him but will see
what is possible tomorrow.
I laminated some icons for his room if we 
do go, as a gift.
I cried on and off tonight after hearing this news,
this gentleman reminds me so much of 
my +grandfather who also
teased me a lot and suffered.
Often one hears of sorrow after
having a golden day the day before,
as was our Friday.
Well, one thing at a time.
We hope for God's mercy in all things
and for all of us.

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