Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday ~ Slow and Steady

I slept horribly for the first part of last night;
we were so overcome, thinking that our elderly Warden 
friend in our far-away church was failing to the degree of 
dying soon... 
we found out this afternoon that we misunderstood, 
though it is still not good at all... and we don't have any 
time frame in advance to know what to expect...
We had hoped to see him but the roads were icy,
icy rain, slick in places, dark and cold.
So we stayed home.
We finished the Chicken Soup.
I still think it was one of the best Chicken Noodle Soups I've ever had.
Mr Husband is going to NYC tomorrow for work + doctor's appointments.
All prayers welcome for this.
I started to take everything down from Christmas.
40 days of Christmas, Candlemas, is this Wednesday.
We went to liturgy on the new calendar for this,
as we are pretty sure we can't come for it this year
because of Mr Husband's illness of this past going on 6 weeks.
He's looking a lot better and we are hopeful.
Next Sunday is Meatfare Sunday already!!
(i.e. that is the last day you have meat other than fish for
all of Great Lent, unless health is poor, etc).
I hope to learn to make a good mushroom soup broth base
for some veggie soups - any suggestions, please let me know!
I am getting a food delivery of a premade meat dish tomorrow 
plus some more soup broth that I hope to get into Mr Husband this week.
We are hoping he does not relapse...
The Gospel reading for tomorrow is Christ coming into Bethany
with the children and others singing
Hosanna in the Highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!
and it struck me how this too is foreshadowing Palm Sunday, 
the days before Holy Week and that while we are just beginning to gear up for
Great Lent now, the taste of Pascha and the end is already in sight,
even though Great Lent can seem very long. 
I am so glad for all the good in our lives,
for that delicious Chicken Soup I made,
for the cups of tea I had and that Mr Husband and I 
watched another Walton's episode tonight.
While this has been a hard time - missing Christmas, Theophany,
Mr Husband being so sick, this is also a time that I think I will always
treasure, many days with Mr Husband, my best friend,
many good talks this past week, many good meals,
pots and pots of tea and it was just so nice to have him around.
I can tell I am internally struggling with the transition of him going back to work,
DV and missing him being here all the time.  
But we will do our best and be thankful.
I am hoping to go to NYC this Wednesday with a friend and her Mother,
if it works out.  Tomorrow is busy with cleaning and later food delivery.
Good news is that our local retired church Warden, not the one who is
in elder-care 24x7 but the one who lost his apartment - 
well, he found a new one and it is much better than his old one! 
So that's really wonderful!
Everyone goes through so many trials.
May God uphold and save us all! 


ann lynagh said...

I recognise the poor sleeping when upset or overwhelmed.I will pray for your dear friend,how lovely that we have the promise of the resurrection.It is horrid to face our earthly friends passing on.
You are quite the expert soup wise,delicious!Your home will look bare without the Christmas decorations,but it gives space to prepare for Lent.

Warm wishes,

Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Ann Marie. Our dear elderly friend is much worse now... Yes, space for Lent is exactly what is needed now... ... I am quite grateful for that soup and hope to make more at some point! Thanks again for your prayers.

Tracy said...

Many prayers for you eldely friend, Elizabeth... and continued prayers for ypu and your husband's return of health! Health it is such a precious thing... these bodies, these temples we are graciously given. How hard it is sometimes finding the balance of things, and keeping it so. Thank goodness for the gift of prayer--for without Him, we are nothing! It is amazing to think how close Lent is upon us! Just today I was making some note in preparation for the Lenten season! I have soups on my Lent menu too. :) I don't think I've made a mushoom base for soups before, but I like the idea of that--using mushrooms, especially dried mushooms soaks, releasing a lot of flavor. I make a plain vegetable stock, which is quite good, and useful for starting most soups or sauces. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up! Blessing and prayers, In Christ ((HUGS))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My fervent prayers for you all xxx