Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Memory Eternal! to our beloved Warden!

I woke up around 12:47 AM and immediately thought of 
our Warden... (all my lampadas were still lit for him...)
And indeed, got the news via a beautiful email that he
peacefully passed away, with his priest and two of his oldest
Orthodox friends and a newer Orthodox friend
who, to quote our priest":

"immediately began the first Litya for the Departed,
followed by the Canon for the Newly Departed
and the Prayer of Absolution for the newly reposed."
My Husband has known this dear, eccentric and lovable
man since 1991. 
I met him myself 5 years ago this past November
and loved him immediately.
Please pray for us as we grieve, and for my Husband 
as he will be very involved in the final things for our Warden
and for our health.
My Husband had 2 doctors appointments yesterday, Monday, in NYC
and his first day back to work after being on sick leave 5 weeks.
Please pray that he does not relapse and that I too can
keep my health up.
Our Warden's Orthodox names are Patrick George.
Please remember him in your prayers!
Memory Eternal!
Memory Eternal!
 Memory Eternal! 


Tracy said...

Oh, I'm so sad to see this news, Elizabeth. Many prayers flying to you and your husband, and all who are grieving the Warden's loss... He goes home God! In Christ ((LOVE & HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I have prayed for him several times these past few days and will certainly continue to do so. Prayers for you all and all who are grieving. Love and hugs.

Emily H. said...

Memory eternal! May God grant him a little corner of Paradise!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Such sad news. Prayers continue for him, for you and Mr Husband.
Memory eternal!

Jennifer Hays said...

I'm sorry to hear this news, Elizabeth. I hope you and your husband are feeling better now and stay healthy!

Elizabethd said...

Sad news for you. May your health improve and keep you both strong.

ann lynagh said...

Dear Elizabeth,what a sad blow to lose your dear friend! We have the promise of stepping from this life into God's kingdom.As the hymn goes,"Blessed Assurance,Jesus is mine."
I sincerely hope that you and Mr.Husband grow in health daily.
Warm regards

Ann Marie

GretchenJoanna said...

What a loss, and so quickly... Memory Eternal!

Lisa said...

Yes - memory eternal.

karen said...

sorry for your loss. I hope both you and your husband enjoy excellent health as spring time approaches!

Nancy said...

Praying for your and the parish at this difficult time. Memory eternal!