Monday, August 01, 2016

A Really Fun Lunch ~ Chicken Baked in Cream and other simple wonders

Finally, this super easy, delicious and simple chicken recipe is being blogged!
I keep forgetting to do so,
then look for it in my recipe page to no avail!
So here it is, at least for me :) 
So my friend who lives in upstate NY (about 1.5 hours from me) came down to see me today!
She has known me since she was a life guard at camp and I was a
young camp counselor, 18 years old, 21 years ago.
It's nice to reconnect with friends who knew me so long ago...
I got tea ready first,
with wonderful black with lavender and rose tea,
various cookies (that I forgot to picture!)...
then I got busy making the chicken... 
so easy...
the only variation to the recipe is that I use a whole small onion, 
chopped up.  I add the ingredients as they are listed.
I brown the chicken in butter first in the same pan and then 
add things in order; I opened the new carton of cream not by
the little 'screw cap' but wide open, like an old milk carton
and poured it all in; perfect.
There was enough to make a cream gravy without having to add anything.
Used chicken breast tenders I think they were called, organic by Coleman. 
About 2 pieces of this were just perfect per person.
Enough for perhaps a 4 person meal,
if one is hosting and wants to be sure about amounts. 
Rice, baby spinach salad, fruit salad with sour cream dressing.
We had a really nice time touring my home,
seeing fun details of our home,
I was surprised at being complemented for my home
organization and something I really appreciate about my friend is
how curious she is about things; we had a nice conversation about the 
differences between Protestant and Orthodox churches;
I always feel that while we have a difference in opinion, that she
still respects me and I really enjoy our friendship,
which always seems to continue right where it was before...
A real delight!
I gave my friend soap and handmade knitted wash cloths. 
As per usual for me :)  
She gave me wonderful vanilla scented votive candles 
and the Christmas dish shown above!
Perfect for me,
I am already thinking of Christmas and making plans!
How could I not,
when it's such a beautiful time of year?
:) Not that I am not enjoying summer, I am and plan on
savouring August....
But here's two Christmas pictures that I am dreaming of recreating....

Something to look forward to,
while still seeking to appreciate what is here,
right now, in the present! 


Nancy McCarroll said...

Your chicken recipe looks delicious and I might try it today, if there is enough cream on hand in the fridge. Wait, there is not two cups. I might just go to the store before Julie gets here and make it for our lunch. Thanks for your pretty Christmas photos, also. Makes me feel cooler in this hot weather looking at your tree.

Emmie said...

That chicken recipe looks delicious. I love your pictures of your table and always love seeing what meals you prepare.

Sophy said...

That chicken recipe looks yummy!

Nancy McCarroll said...

I DID make your chicken and deglazed the meat and onions adding a little white wine to deglaze. Delicious! Will busing this recipe a lot!

Becki said...

That recipe sounds delicious. And your picture convinces me! I love your blog, Elizabeth. I always come away reflecting on things like hospitality, creating a beautiful home, and sharing life with friends and family. Your blog is truly a special place on the internet.