Saturday, August 06, 2016

Silver dollar pancakes, pizza and lots of tea

Lunch: lots of tea, pizza, fruit salad, green salad, watermelon and tomatoes!

So good.  I saved just over 1/3 of it for later.
So nice to have summer food for dinner at the diner!
I think I have had at least 3 pots of tea today,
all decaf, with milk...
being on the 'old calendar' our summer Dormition fast does not start
for another week...
I am slowly doing bookstore orders for a fall/early winter book sale.
We realized that it is best to do the ordering in the summer so that I don't have to 
scramble in the fall, which is invariably are most busy time of year.
I am hoping to enjoy much of August and go swimming a few times a week
for the rest of the summer...
And so it goes!


steph said...

oh those pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karen said...

yum! and I love book buying no matter what time of year :)

Lisa said...

I tend to make the "silver dollar" sized pancakes - they seem easier to manage. All pancakes are good! :)

Jennifer Hays said...

Your pancakes look amazing! Yum. I am a huge fan of pancakes with fruit, in them or served alongside, either way is a-okay with me!