Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Roast Chicken with Lemon, Onion and Garlic ~ and the dinner and day following

I came back from vespers on Saturday 
with a determination to cook for my husband,
a good way to love and shore up things, I have found.
And so Monday the main thing I did was prepare a 5lb chicken, 
roast it with chicken broth and white wine, mushrooms, onion, garlic and lots of butter.
And it turned out that My Beloved had some real but non-serious mishaps in the day, 
really needed that home that I could make for him and I lit candles, 
he admired the golden roasted chicken, 
cut open the first baked-in-the-oven potato wrapped in foil... 
and it was good, warm, with gentle conversation and it felt so good just to be there, 
providing that warm home cooked meal with candles lit...
it is home, the warm safe harbour, that we are all wishing to come home too... 

Recipe for the Roast Chicken:

Sliced onion and a lemon quartered in cavity. 
Chicken broth, over 1 cup white wine, butter, 
garlic under skin of chicken and butter, salt and pepper over skin. 
Mushrooms. Baked 400F for 40 minutes, 
then more wine over (half cup), baked 60 minutes still covered. 
I could of baked it at a lower temperature, 
with the same amount of baking time,
and with less liquid.
it was so tender, it was falling off the wooden spoons
 I was using to take the chicken out!!!
I am thinking that I will make a simple chicken cream casserole with 
some of this chicken, as well as having some for easy lunches
this week.
Today I hope to do a lot of writing accomplished...
What are your hopes for today?


Nancy said...

That looks sooo good. What a blessing when we do have that safe harbour to come to after a day of sailing life's rough seas.

E Helena E said...

Thinking of you with love! That safe, warm harbour is so important.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

You have a lovely home filled with faith, happiness, love and good food - what blessings!

Juliana Cooley said...

I have only realized recently how important it is to have that safe harbor. A baked potato is the perfect food to embody that idea.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Nancy! Yes, it is such a blessing!!! E-H: thanks so much!!! Yes, thank God for this! Elizabeth, thank you!!! Yes, and I think faith, happiness and love are supported by creating that haven for us! Juliana, Yes. The baked potato really is that picture of something warm, substantive and good...

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

That chicken looks SO good! and even better is to be able to make with and for other people, that safe haven from the world, a place to rest and be loved, to fortify us for the next round :) In that way, roast chicken is also part of making a 'home church'.