Monday, August 08, 2016

Part 1 of the Feast of Transfiguration, Lunch, Cleo and a small dinner party

We were at our local church this Sunday.
Then simple lunch of pizza, salad and blessed grapes!
A friend was coming for dinner, we ordered 2 takeout dishes 
(which leftovers will tide us over through tomorrow).
I added a fruit salad, green salad, the blessed grapes and we had a bit of 
plum + peach torte for dessert!
I was still enjoying my black tea with milk!
I've been savouring the days of tea with milk; our Julian Calendar 
Dormition Feast starts soon! 
While I am wanting to do more of my own cooking,
and last week I managed 2 things,
I was really tired this weekend, and we have lists
unending of things to get done,
and last night was wonderful take out!
I am hoping to get more quilting done this week,
maybe some in-advance baking,
as well as a trip to NYC later this week.
I hope for 2 mornings of swimming...
Today will include cleaning and doing 'at home' errands...
Heard a really beautiful sermon/homily yesterday,
about the Feast of Transfiguration, how
there are very few moments in Christ's earthly life that
were joyous and luminous, and that this was one of the.
But that even then, Moses and Elijah were speaking to Christ of
His upcoming Crucifixion...
And how Christ's life on earth was being plunged into darkness,
He being with sinners to bring them light, healing ....
I was deeply consoled with the words of how our lives
have such much darkness in them, but that Christ chose to 
plunge His life into darkness, so that He would suffer with us
and save us, bringing us to His light...
Much to think on and to remember.
I felt like these words were like a musical score for one's life,
of hope amidst the many struggles we have,
of a Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who
dwells with us in the midst of the dark to bring us to light.
May it so be! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How do you keep Cleo from walking all over the beautifully laid table? Bramble would be lying on the table and making herself quite at home :-)

T.J. said...

Cleo shows a lot of self restraint there! ;) I enjoyed that the grapes were blessed and ended up on your meal table; those are my very favorite kind of meals in my faith because we physically carry the reminders and holy memories home with us. And I like to think that the food tastes extra good that way. He he!!!!!!