Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Yarn Along ~ books, blankets and beauty

Yesterday I took the train to Princeton!

 I worked on my many squared blanket, sewing on squares with
blue yarn... it is coming along!

 This is a beautiful book, touching, poignant and
inspiring in how one can live in very difficult times.
Fr. Dimitri and Mother Maria of Paris, with others,
were all killed during the 
Nazi period in France....
they are all considered Saints, martyrs for Christ.
The book is written by Fr. Dimitri's daughter,
who was 4 the last time she saw her father. 
Her memories of her father,
from the eyes of an adoring 4 year old daughter,
are really beautiful and Fr. Dimitri was a very kind man,
incredible in his love.  

I had a really good talk with my quilting friend about this author
 and feel more settled in accepting the struggles Hall had after Jane Kenyon died.
I am looking forward to reading this book, hopefully soon. 

I am hoping to finish this blanket in the next month, if possible.
I have so much to do, that we will see...

I went to a lovely kitchen store in Princeton, 
my kind of 'window shopping' and I love this picnic basket! 
Leaving you with 2 pictures of Princeton... 
it's a very beautiful place. 

And that is my yarn along for today!
I hope this post finds whoever reads it
having a peaceful day!
Feel free to join us!


Lisa @ things here lately... said...

Your blanket! That is going to be amazing to curl up under when you are finished! Thank you for sharing your Princeton pictures...I've never been. It's beautiful! *hugs* :)

steph said...

I can't believe you dragged your blanket with you on a trip like that!!! What a brave knitter!!! (Maybe in the middle of winter, to snuggle under as you did some finishing work!!!!!!!)

Emmie said...

I love the blanket...I honestly had not heard of Jane Kenyon until reading your mentions of her on your blog, so good to know about and I loved the piece about their marriage. The book about Father Dmitri sounds beautiful. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures of Princeton!

karen said...

what a fun outing and having your project with you made it all the better. The photos are just lovely and that blanket is growing and growing and growing!

Paula said...

Your blanket really is coming along! How big are you planning?

That picnic basket is very cool, but it doesn't really seem to have much room for the food?

elizabeth said...

Thanks Paula!

yes, the picnic basket is super cool! I think the container (next to the basket) is for food, to keep it cold, etc. and then non-cold food next to it. But good point!

I am thinking it will be a twin size blanket or so!

Laura Gesin said...

What a lovely post - your blanket is amazing. I can't imagine taking that on NJTransit, but you may inspire me! I'm also going to investigate "Dimitri's Cross" - I've never come across it but it looks intriguing and inspiring.

I also live in NJ at the shore - small world!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Laura! Hope you enjoy _Dimitri's Cross_! :) God bless!

Nancy McCarroll said...

A fun trip to Princeton via train looked like fun. Your blanket is coming elong.

Fr. Dimitri's book: second time I have come across it so it must be a sign that it is a must read!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Nancy! It's a great book! God bless!