Saturday, August 13, 2016

Various Happy Things

The big gaping black 'thing' above is a swordfish;
My Husband thought it was really cool, as it is so big! 

Mr Husband and I went shopping tonight,
stocking up on things and getting lots of simple foods for the fast
and, excitingly, DV, to share with my our dear friends and our 
goddaugther (who is almost 2!) who we get to see for the first time
in over 1.5 years tomorrow! So excited!!! 

I got a lot done on my godson's quilt this past week or so; I am so happy for that too.

I returned the coat I bought that failed to work as well as it looked online;
it's so funny how one street different in NYC/Manhattan can look and feel so different;
I am used to 6th street (also called 'the avenue of the Americas') and the intense, busy,
crowded shops, with various street vendors and all sorts of people walking on through those
streets... and just one street over, it was quieter, much more spread out streets,
more expensive shops and a more grand looking street... 
just one long street block past 6th street!
NYC is a fascinating intense place! 

We are ready for the upcoming fast (and fast days after this!) now that I went to Trader Joes...
we really enjoy their Veggie Masala burgers! 
And later DV we will enjoy the ice cream!...

It's been super hot! I was in NYC on Thursday and I felt like I was 
doing some sort of olymipic sport, whew it was hot! Real feel was 107F.
I had my red cart and took that with me to Trader Joes and on the PATH train home!
There's a really nice small diner near the Trader Joes and
 I had this cool yogurt, granola and fruit
dish for lunch... it's a quiet place, 
they don't have music playing and I always feel refreshed after
being there, even in the midst of busy NYC! 

This Tuna Cat food via Trader Joes is Cleo's favourite. 
She's a little Tuna-addict.  She begs for it often now.  We just give her a little
at a time... :)

Today is the last day before the fast, so Mr Husband spoiled me
and let me get my faveourite take out!
So wonderful to not have to cook and heat up the house 
and still have such nice things to eat! 
I am really enjoying writing now days and am working on a
few peices to put up later.
It was really good to write my last blog post and put some things to writing
that I felt should be written but that I did not yet have the words for.
I'm really happy about that.
I hope you are all doing well!
Blessed fast or feast,
whatever you are heading into!
And a blessed Sunday to all! 


Pom Pom said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Can you explain more about the fast?
Cleo is a lucky kitty!

Jennifer Hays said...

I love these happy things too. The fish in that showcase look beautiful. The salmon looks great. I went to Trader Joe's on Friday! I needed mascarpone cheese to make tiramisu for my husband's birthday. I also got some of my favorite frozen foods they have, the quesadillas with chicken and veggies inside. I *love* them. Plus flowers and produce, always love to stock up when I go. I hope you have a nice time with your friends and goddaughter. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Cleo and her tuna <3
Wishing you and Mr Husband a blessed Fast!

karen said...

This weather has been a challenge. I am hiding in my house until it changes to something cooler love Cleo and her favorite tune, what a sweetheart!! I wish I had a trader joes but I'll pretend and watch you enjoy :)

elizabeth said...

Pom Pom: I hope to write a post on the fast tomorrow! busy with lots but have not forgotten your question! :)

GretchenJoanna said...

So glad Cleo has a good appetite these days!

And all your mentions of fasting or not-fasting food is making me hungry. We just completed our Dormition fast... may yours be a great blessing.