Thursday, August 25, 2016

From life to death and everything in between

Mr. Husband's Uncle, as his father wrote us early this morning, 
passed on into glory.
May God remember him in His Kingdom!
I feel like I understand the Orthodox prayer, memory eternal, in a very 
simple warm way now: it is like a Mother praying for her child, 
asking God to take care of the child and always remember this child in His care,
for the Mother one day will die and not be able to pray on earth anymore for this child,
but the prayer has already been made:
Lord, always take care, always remember, this child who I am committing to Your care. 

My first article went live, whew, that was a big deal for me! 
It's currently at '96' views and I am grateful for each one.
Thanks for everyone's support, love, well wishes and esp. to those who read
my article and commented!
What a blessing of a blog community I have! 

In other news, I went swimming this morning.
There was a family there, a tall strong dad,
a teenage brother who did dives very well,
two younger teen girls, and a small girl, maybe 5 years old,
with a smile so big, and she was very good at taking instructions and had
no fear of swimming.
It was lovely to see.

I painted. 

The blanket that Mat. Anna did for my newest godson came!!!
It's beautiful!
(My picture shows it uneven, but it is actually perfectly strait!
A real lovely work of art!)
I think I have everything for our godson now!
My Aunt's surgery went well, last I heard and we are all quite relieved. 
And so today had death, new life, continued life, normal summer life and 
new ventures all in one day!
Eventful, to say the least! 
I hope your day has been peaceful...


Matushka Anna said...

May his memory be eternal!

Congratulations on your new venture!

GretchenJoanna said...

What a busy day! Did swimming make you feel that good kind of tired?

Where is your article to be found?

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, I see, the explanation and links are in the previous post that I had missed :-)

Pom Pom said...

The blanket looks cozy!

Nancy said...

Memory eternal!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Memory eternal.....
I love the blanket!