Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Spicy Lentil Sauce (made vegan)

changes: used vegetable oil + vegan margerine
used a different type of pasta.
I would go with spaghetti next time however, 
the sauce would have been better incorporated. 
I also did not cook the pasta together at the end
as I wanted to store it separately.
Thus I added some more margarine to the sauce 
and some more (about 2 normal spoons full each) to the newly 
cooked pasta. 

This sauce was good, a warm savoury dish.... 
my Husband rightly said I should have used spaghetti with it (like recipe said) 
and he wanted more of a garlic taste...it had a lot of garlic
but it turned into part of the warmth of the sauce instead of standing out! 
It was good though!!!

So that was a fun meal to prepare; took me about 2 hours or so,
with everything from the sauce, the pasta,
the salad, the watermelon and juiced half lemon for fresh lemonade. 

I had realized the other day 
that I could not find the VNA rummage sale find spoon for loose tea....
I looked everywhere yesterday and prayed..... 
today when I went to cook, I found it! 
Most likely my Husband put it away in the cup with the measuring spoons, 
which makes sense, as it looks like a measuring spoon! 
So glad I found it today!
Today was a pretty good day.
Cooking I find therapeutic and peaceful. 
I read to my Husband the little bit about pasta in the cookbook
that this meal is from, how they found a picture in an old Gourmet magazine
and it changed what they wanted their soon to be open resturant 
completely and for the better. 
It's amazing how one seemingly small thing can impact one's life so indelibly. 
At night I am reading one or two chapters out loud from
Ordinary Wonders to Mr Husband and that has been a great joy.
My days are very full right now but I find that if I keep
within the day,
am aware of what is hard and admit it
yet enjoy what is to be enjoyed in the day,
then it still can be a peaceful day;
of course this is a gift from God as
I often ruin my days with anxiety and worry.
Tomorrow is a trip in the afternoon to NYC to do some
errands and we hope to have a date out that night,
so hopefully that works out as planned.
Uncle Al, the camp director of Mt Lake, would always say at 
staff prayer at the beginning of the day,
there is a lot to thank the Lord for
even though in 1997 Aunt Elaine got cancer and died in
October of 1998. 
He is right, 
there is a lot to thank the Lord for.


Lisa Richards said...

Yes, I'm working on the anxiety/worry, too. It's "natural" for me, but not what Jesus wanted for us. I'm realizing I'm not God and I can't fix things for everyone I love, and that worrying doesn't help the least bit. But He can help, even when we don't understand what's happening and how He's going about it. Trust is such a big thing to learn. I just have to keep learning every day! Enjoy NYC and your date!

GretchenJoanna said...

You are making me want to cook, too! (and eat :) )