Thursday, June 28, 2018

More on the dinner with my goddaughter and her Mother, back in April

As written in April...and that I blogged about earlier...
And I also prepared most of tomorrow's dinner:
1. Chicken dish with cream mushroom gravy with garlic and pearl onions 

2. Not made by me but instead pre-made (fresh direct, they are super) mashed potatoes
3. Crudités (red/orange/yellow pepper + carrots and a broccoli) chopped and in clean cold water in fridge 
4. Need to make: spinach salad which I have small chopped peppers ready for
5. Above mentioned fruit salad

Also for dessert...
1. Pound Cake ice cream from local ice cream shop

2. Blessed Pascha (Easter) cookies, waiting in freezer 
3. Strawberries and cream 
4. Tea, etc!

I had made the chicken in advance, the one thing I would do different
I cannot remember exactly but basically it was in the broth too long on the re-heat 
and it overcooked... it was very good and I would make it again,
would just do more of it at one go and serve, instead of reheating. 


Tracy said...

Such BEAUTIFUL food and beautifully presented table! LOVE the ladybug candles!! Your sharing, generosity and ways with entertaining are inspiring, Elizabeth! :) ((HUGS))

MamaBirdEmma said...

Looks so good!!! Love, Sugar Plum