Saturday, June 09, 2018

And on to today {still sick but thankful}

Thank you all for your kind comments,
each was really encouraging!!! 
BTW, I realized after posting and looking at my post again later,
that blogger is having a difficulty sending comments right now.
I noticed that gmail is offering a new look again and by the sounds of it
that is the cause of the problem (see here)
so I will be more deliberate in looking at my comments on my 
internal dashboard to try to see them all.
So at present it feels like I have a cold in my throat;
as in I have drainage like a cold that is bothering my throat but my
nose is oddly not yet impacted; I've had it before that a cold 
sneaks in round about and starts somewhere other than in my nose
so that's what may be happening (we will see) and if so,
I may be in for another week or so of this.
Boo :( ... so my throat is swollen I think because of the drainage at present
and I am fatigued as if I have a doozy of a cold. 
But your comments were honestly quite encouraging.
Thanks.  I know that when one is feeling under the weather
everything seems a bit harder to bear than normal
and things have been hard and so, I am glad I have friends who care!
I've been re-reading DE Stevenson which has been just right
and I realized I needed to add lemon and honey to my herbal tea
and have black tea as well as it cheers me up.
Well, other than this Deb P on IG (of Smitten Kitchen fame)
posted on Stories a fun vintage cookbook and I ordered it!
I did not know of this cookbook but they are part of the 1980s-now 
fame of NYC/East Coast/American cooking world (James Beard, Julia Child) I found out
with a small bit of research. So that's fun also as I love
reading about these cooks/chefs and the like.
I love reading cookbooks and have been loving this one all over again:

Marion Cunningham worked with James Beard
and this book (and The Supper Book) have so many
mouth watering recipes that I want to make! 
I used the above (The Breakfast Book
for the epic brunch I had for my goddaughter and her Mother
that I see I still have not blogged about but will try to do so
this week.... 
Anyway, please if you may pray that I am able to go to liturgy tomorrow
as our local priest is going to be honoured for 55 years of service + marriage and 
I missed vespers with the Bishop (who will return tomorrow DV) so that I will
have more strength to go tomorrow... 
I am more resolved again to patience, 
as I wrote on social media earlier today:
This [sickness] is another lesson in the many 
layers of learning to be more patient. 
Our Good Lord knows that I need the lessons
 even when I have to make myself be thankful, 
for I do know that patience brings inward peace,
 ultimately as all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, 
the parts of love (1 Corinthians ch 13) do.


Juliana said...

So sorry you are still under the weather! We are passing a minor virus around here as well. Boo has had the worst of it, I think. (Having an endoscopy on Thursday didn't help). I'm staying local with three of the kids as well.

Mat Anna said...

May God grant your wish to go to Liturgy tomorrow!

(I’m chuckling to myself because a snippet of advice I stuck in an email just now to you seems not to be needed because you got there ahead of me. 😉)

Helensmamma said...

The thing about pesky illnesses is this- have all the foods and drink you love,all the delicacies- because you are under the weather!! Be kind to yourself.
As I've mentioned before, have a good rant at God and clear the air about the unbloggable. God can take it.

Much love,

Ann Marie

Elizabethd said...

Lmon and honey is one of our favourite remedies.

Lilly's Mom said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. I know exactly what is feels like in your throat as I many have had this. It's very uncomfortable, to say the least. Hopefully, with our prayers, you will find the strength at attend liturgy tomorrow and enjoy the festivities. My prayers are with you dear friend. Pat