Friday, June 08, 2018

something not called the flu because it's not flu season

[last picture I saw on FB and liked]

Well, I wrote my friend C.M. a long letter
the first told her of the latest in our unbloggable difficulties,
[they continue and are so wearying right now] and how I 
was striving to take joy in the day at hand, be with God in the day
and in this way then it's not so bad...
that day I had gone swimming in the local pool, had some nice things...
and the next morning I wake up with 
a swollen throat and later a fever of 100F and yesterday
I went to see a nurse practitioner and I don't have Strep Throat but I do have
'something not called the flu because it's not flu season' and to 
have lots of tea, honey and rest.
Maybe I was trying too hard to not let the difficulties get to me?
It's been hard.  I wish I could tell you more but I really can't
as it's not fully my story to tell and that's just how it is. 
I must admit though that I feel like crying on someone's shoulder
and being assured that things will get better in time.
I do pray so.


Paula said...

Since when can you only get influenza during flu season? The virus doesn't magically appear when it's "in season".

Try not to worry (ha ha, I know) but it really WILL get better. In God's time, not ours. I've got two shoulders if you need them :)

Mary said...

Auto pilot the Jesus Prayer. It's all i've ever known i could rely on for blinding anguish and sorrow on and off for years. And His mercy is exactly what i receive in the middle of heartaches. Its just that His mercy is deeper than sorrow. God bless and keep you dear. You have my prayers.

Mat. Anna said...

If it’s the flu it’s the flu, regardless of the calendar, but I honestly hope you have something much more short-lived!

I remember after the first time I had a baby die people who had been there promised me it would get better. (This is not a comparable situation but bear with me.) It sounded like a big, fat, lie. I couldn’t even imagine how things would get better. But I didn’t honestly think they were lying to me; I knew they had been there, loved me, and were suffering with me. And, it did get better. Later after it happened the second time I again felt that things would never get better, but I remembered the first time. It didn’t *feel* like it would ever be better, but this time my mind knew that eventually it would be. And eventually my heart caught up (but not quickly).

So all of this is just to say that it will get better; I don’t know when or how, only that it will. ❤️❤️❤️

And you can cry on my shoulder any time. (I thought you must be traveling the last few days; it didn’t occur to me that you were sick.)

Elizabethd said...

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell with the 'not flu'. Take plenty of rest.
I do know how easy it is to get bowed under with worries. Praying for you, Elizabeth.

Lisa said...

I got influenza once in the summer - August, maybe? Many years ago, and nobody told me it couldn't be the flu if it wasn't flu season! I hope you get over it soon, but could it be to do with swimming in that pool?-

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone so very much for your comments!!!

Lisa, I sure hope it is not the pool, it's a real love of mine for the summer! My Husband was swimming too though and since so probably not. I think more likely cumulative stress + a lot of travel in the last months (with my +Aunt Karen ill and dying) and not getting enough rest. I am working on both rest + ways to do self-care to move towards restoration in terms of the depletion /exhaustion I have been under.