Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday: Made it to a Beautiful Hierarchical liturgy

Thanks to God's mercy and many prayers, 
I made it to church this morning!
That was a real blessing!
Our priest got the beautiful hat you see in the picture above,
it's called a miter and is a very rare award for a priest who has
served for many years (55 years in our local priest's case).
It was really a very beautiful and moving service. 
I hope the last item/video after the pictures
works above, it's of the choir and then the priests 
and then again the choir singing to the Bishop
(I think that he is worthy, in Slavonic)
I am still not better but I think the summer flu
is going into a cold, which never lasts forever
so I am just trying to wait it out.
I do appreciate each comment and thank God for you all!
(ps: hierarchical liturgy means the Bishop is there and
serving in the liturgy)


Elizabethd said...

I have always been fascinated by the needlework on ecclesiastical garments. The embroidery is so fine and so beautiful.

elizabeth said...

Elizabethd ~ yes, I agree!!! The pictures of Christ you saw I believe are painted but there was a lot of embroidery in various vestments and I love them too.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...