Sunday, June 24, 2018

And onward it goes

I just finished my re-read of Listening Valley by DE Stevenson and it was lovely.
And poignant.
And such an incredible way of capturing what it was like
during WWII for people in London and Scotland.
As our unbloggable continues, 
I feel like so much of the book I just read fits.
Both the taking life as it comes and the pain of war,
the pain that comes from prolonged struggle and uncertainty.
It is really an incredible book.
Best to read Cecila's House first to get the full impact,
as Listening Valley is a direct squeal to it, though cleverly done
and indirect as a squeal....
It's funny, while I can't write here more about the unbloggable,
I find it is also hard to talk to friends about,
to explain what the latest is and why things
are the way they are.
There are so many things that are lived understanding that are 
simply hard to translate the reality of the situation
to others.... but at the same time, that is OK
and I was able to say enough to make things clear; I am just aware
that really being able to explain the situation is hard
esp as so much is unclear and now we are still in the situation at hand
and can't step outside of it.
So as I wrote yesterday, I try to stay within today only,
doing more than that sends me into a panic and destroys my peace.
We will know the next step when it is time to know it
and right now we are doing what God allows,
which is light for the very next step.
I remember hearing when I was young, probably 19 or so years old, 
the pastor Chuck Swindoll speaking about God
being the light unto our feet/our path
and that that light was for the very next step,
not steps 5 steps down but that God was right there with us,
giving us the next step to do and that we had to do that step only
in so doing, live in faith in God and follow Him.
So that's pretty much what we are doing and I am convinced that this hard time
is so that we have strength and I hope a bit more inside of us when we need it
in the future; but again, that's in God's hands only and we must do the next step only...
Meanwhile, we did cards for July birthdays and anniversaries. 
I prepared the cards and my Husband stamped them,
I think he did a great job (was his first time doing this, at least since we were married
that I am extra proud of him!)

I did the red stamped card, my Husband did the rest.
And of course he is more careful than I and 
was sure to clean the stamps after they were used.

It was really good to be in church this morning.
To be with friends that I have known for over 5 years
and some of whom my Husband has known nearly 30 years.

We had ice cream bowls, vegan, for a treat today, 
which was really nice. 
I was making some sort of joke, alluding to the old movie,
the Muppet Caper, when the older lady and older man are sitting at a table
fancy with candles and Miss Piggy is scaling their house 
and then falling in through a window,
if I remember correctly, and it became known quickly 
that my beloved Husband
had never seen the movie. 
 I happen to own it and he suggested we have a watch
when the nieces are here.  I think that sounds rather fun. 
I am planning a tea with them on Wednesday 
and perhaps an afternoon movie
will be the next good thing... they come tomorrow night!
I am so glad! It begins about a month of family visits and that is so welcomed
in our life, such a great blessing! 
May God help us all in the difficulties we are facing and may we know that 
no matter what, God is taking care of us..... 


Lisa said...

What nice cards! Good job!

Tracy said...

"...I try to stay within today only." Beautiful thoughts, all of this, Elizabeth. One day at a time is what God gives us, after all... He gives us the strength for one day, and that is as it's meant to be, should be. Our human brains want to wander and worry about tomorrow... ;) One day at at time, one step at a time. We're in a period of very much understanding one day at at time too... LOVELY cards you've been making! The red ink is wonderful! God Bless you, my friend! ((HUGS))

MamaBirdEmma said...

Your cards are so pretty! Thank you for commenting on my blog! Love, Sugar Plum

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lisa!

Hi Tracy, yes, thanks! yes, one day at a time and then we can still have peace and rejoice in God giving us what we need in the day at hand!

Sugar Plum, Thanks so much! Mr Husband and I love making cards!