Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Quickly for today

Oddly, some of my pictures are not loading.
Well, today I woke early and am going to bed late.
I finally had one of my biggest wishes come true,
well, of my immediate wishes anyway, of something that 
I can actually easily have be true, 
I have sewn again after MONTHS of not being able to.
"Life" kept getting in the way...
I think the last time I worked on my goddaughter's quilt was in 
August of last year and that did not last long and I did not sew
again until late January and that was to work on the skirt
that I got for my name's day...
I did two of the last rows for this quilt.
The next step will be to sew the rows into larger sections
and after this, unless I do it a different way, which I am considering,
sewing it into one piece. 
I am thinking about how to sew more regularly by doing it a little at a time.
And I only put out what I needed for sewing this part of the project, 
so that the table is not too cluttered.
My new sewing box (I don't know that I mentioned it yet,
I got it in CA when I was visiting my quilting friend) is perfect
and so cheery and useful.
I am posting the video below as I had not remembered everything
about the simple beginning with bobbin and tread.
It's specific to my machine and I found it very helpful. 

I think the biggest thing for me right now is realizing that I need to 
make haste very slowly and not expect to be quick with anything,
including this quilt and that by so doing, things will be better,
deeper and more stable. 

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Paula said...

Hurray for sewing!! I've been doing a lot of sewing lately too. I'm almost out of dresses, even my house dresses are looking too shabby for wearing around the house. Now their at the finishing stage and waiting for me to finish hems and final pressings.