Friday, June 22, 2018

NYC on Wednesday

I went to Michael's craft store and got a few things, 
discount priced ribbon, washi tape, a watercolour brush, 
ink and calligraphy pens and two heavy paper art books. 
We went to my favourite quiet diner for a quick snack.
Went to a Mexican (felt Spanish in decor) restaurant; the food was 
decent but the space was loud and we could hear others much to easily;
the ferry took a lot longer than we anticipated and I think, 
based on the poor sleep we had after this, it was all a bit
stressful... yesterday was a huge rest day to recover
and today we went out and tried out new chromebooks as my 
chromebook (bought in 2014) was not working unless plugged in;
the battery seemed completely shot.
So I have a new chromebook now; I am trying it out for a week
to be sure it works well; it has a much bigger screen and is nice this way.
I've realized that my blog (not on cell/mobile but on chromebook at least)
looks small in font to me, I am always making it a bigger size to see it 
better and am wondering if I should be making the font bigger
or change the format. 
I guess I will have to experiment at some point about this.
However, if you find the actual typeface/words you are reading to be 
on the small size, let me know and I will try to change that.
This has been a strange week. 
I felt in ways that God had given me an encouraging Sunday to 
gird me up for it.
I can't write everything about it but I felt a lot of worry
about a few things and was not sure where the unbloggable was going; for
a bit I was afraid that things were actually getting even worse than I had
foreseen but today was better and I am hoping that we will have some progress
in a positive direction next week.
On another note, while I don't feel I can write about it here on my blog yet,
I have something happy I am looking forward to 
in my extended family and I am going to MI in July for this
and I am greatly looking forward to being home. 
I don't, however, know how much I will be able to blog
then so if I have silences here, don't worry, I am merely busy
seeing and being with family!
And speaking of family, I have some coming to visit here in NJ
next week and so if I don't write next week, that just means I am 
extra busy with the nieces and having a trip into NYC, a tea time with them,
game playing and talking and the like. 
Meanwhile, we watched a Walton's episode this evening
that was enjoyable and we had a vegan ice cream cone, 
fruit salad, green salad and simple summer pleasures... 
of which we thank God! 

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