Saturday, June 30, 2018

500 words

I was reading some things about my former professor 
after seeing an Instagram post of one of his books
and when I read that he tries to write 500 words/day/3x 
I latched on to this idea and am going to try it.
As in just 500 words, not 1500 (500 on 3 projects/day).
Will see if I can maintain this and make something of it.
Today we went to vespers and had Confession before hand.
That is a real blessing and I am grateful. 
We had left overs and fresh strawberries and red grapes
that were perfectly tart but sweet and I had an English Muffin
with PB and Jam and am convinced that this is one of my all time
favourite foods.... 
It was really hot today and is going to be up to 100F tomorrow.
I ask prayers for everyone in that!
I have ordered some new books to read as well
and am really excited about that.
I hope you are well and had a few moments of peace today.
God bless each of you! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Wishing you a Blessed Sunday, dear friend. It is scorching hot here too, but is now clouding over a little and we have hopes of some much needed rain later on!

karen said...

I hope you can write your 500/day. That seems doable when the mind is willing. It's when life crowds in and then there are duties outside of writing.

Pom Pom said...

You'll be glad you wrote those 500 words/3 x. I love reading my own writing and I think it keeps me going, as I've never stopped journaling.

Lisa Richards said...

PB and J on toast is one of my favorites, too!
The writing sounds like fun. I've often thought of doing morning pages, but just never follow through. What I need to do is just be more regular in my "spiritual thoughts" journal that I'm making for my kids. I don't want to leave too many journals for them to feel guilty about throwing away when I'm gone, lol. Be careful in that heat and thanks for your sweet comments and prayers for my grandboy, Nathan. :)