Tuesday, May 08, 2018

A fun busy weekend + VNA rummage sale finds

Friday my husband and I went to the VNA rummage sale!
(It's 2x year).  We got there about 9:30 and left about 2:45 or a bit earlier!
A lot of fun, a lot of things seen, a lot found.
We were tired by the end and drove to outside North Philly afterwards,
going to a toy soldier show (my beloved Husband's super fun hobby).

Before and after!
The tea strainer I have had for years, found at an antique store in Halifax....
this strainer was how I knew that both 
the butter dish ($1) and small jug (2 or 3$) would polish up well.

This gem of a find, a 8 piece silver-plate silverware set,
(it's actually 42 pieces, there are 8 soup spoons!)
We are saving this for my Christmas present DV 
for this year! 
I think it's a most perfect Christmas gift.
We are trying to do things (for our definition of it) simple this year
and this is just wonderful, I love the anticipation of it! :)  
 And it's only $1.19/item (excluding box!) so it's a really good deal!

A blurry picture (I have them wrapped up to be sure there are no bedbugs... 
of course having them open in my house quickly I know defeated this purpose
 but I am not that worried!)... I am so excited for these! 

 Found this darling toy silver tea set for our goddaugther!
I just have to get a gift box for it and will send it for her birthday in August! 

New cake stand! it's perfect as it is low to the ground,
as it were, so easy to store! Our other cake stand is wonderful
and much loved...and can be inverted to be a punch bowl...
I am dreaming of having a summer party with punch bowl
and cake! Wouldn't that be fun!

Pretty new spoons as well! 

I am really pleased with this vintage Hazel Atlas depression glass juicer / reamer!
I had been wanting a good one of these, with bowl and handle all in 1 piece for 
years! So really pleased with this! 

We found 2 of these for 5.00/each ... one is being used
for the base for a set of 4 special toy soldiers and 
the other one (at least for now!) is mine to use + the 
other dome as well...

Found these non-crystal wine glasses.
I did not realize, however, how thin they are
(i.e. very breakable) so I may look to replace these at a 
future VNA.... Not that they are not nice,
I am just looking for something more durable... 

I am rather excited about this cake stand! 
I had been wanting another one for a few years
and this one is perfect as it is without the pedestal stand,
making it easy to store! 

And look!!!! I found this pretty three tiered tea tray for $6.00!!!
I had 2 from IKEA and both broke, so this is a real find! 
I am super pleased! 

I also broke my juice jug.... (can you believe I forgot that one can NOT be hasty and
try to make frozen OJ by pouring just boiled water on it? the thick jug
I had for years broke instantly, OOPS!) ... so finding this one was a real blessing!
I had a whole list of what I was looking for and this was on it!

So I have a dream of creating a picnic basket inexpensively....
So these stainless steel cutlery (middle above) was 1$ each and
is the beginning of this endeavor! 
I also found the darling punch/soup ladle... however, it has
a bit of a flaw towards the back of it, a tiny piece is sticking out
and actually cut my husband's hand, so (hard to see in picture 
as my Husband used packing tape) it is taped up for now
until one of our Dad's can fix it! 
(We are hoping it can be filed or something put on top of it .... food safe of course)...
we would not have gotten this if we had known but had already paid for it
when we realized the flaw and decided to keep it simple and try to get it fixed.
I hope it can be fixed as it's really a darling piece and I had been on the look out for a 
low wide ladle for a few years! 
Also, that heart cookie cutter is actually to make 
the Belgian Vol-au-vent pastry... I don't quite understand the instructions yet
but will look at them again soon... 

These 4 bowls are really beautiful! 
I believe they are new/unused as they still had store stickers on 
the bottom of each one and were individually wrapped... 
These were 10.00/each or 40$ for the set.  
They are Noritake White Palace... they are still made today,
from what I can see and one bowl is selling for about the price
that I got the 4 bowls! Wow. 
So these I am keeping for very special events and will keep them 
separated with a clean white napkin...
I have put these away as they are going to be our anniversary gift 
 in Septemeber!
Isn't it such a nice gift! I am so pleased 
and it will go so well with our other white gold-rimmed China pieces!
And for bigger than 4 people dinners, I have other bowls that are white with 
gold or white with a nice design... I love mixing and matching....
I am hoping to have a Slava for our wedding anniversary and hope to use these
bowls then! :)  It would be so pretty! 

Cleo of course had to join in the fun!

I am so excited to have found these scoops!!! I had been wanting more for 5 years,
as I love them for my canisters of flour/sugar ... also that little scoop I got for 25 cents!
It's the 'perfect scoop of tea' spoon that I had been wishing I had since I saw it online....
you know me and the weakness I have for anything related to tea! :)
Also, I did not have a biscuit cutter (I thought I had one once but may have been 
merely remembering my Mother's) and was so excited to find one!
Also got these lovely cheery yellow napkins...
I think it was 10 of them for 5.oo which is not bad
and they wash up so nicely!  I just love cloth napkins... we invariably spill food or water or
what-have-you and these are great and are not wasteful! 
We still use paper towels for some cleaning jobs that necessitate them
but it's nice to do what one can in terms of waste/environmental concerns.... 
Also the glass 'shaker' bottle and spice jars always come in handy... 
so pleased to have found these!
I also got some cute scarves and skirts for 30.00 
and some other odds and ends... I never did get to the book tent 
this time around, but I did go to stationary and got a ton of cute
things there, including stamps, all of which are being bagged up
for 3 months to be sure no creepy-crawlies come in the house.
So August 7 will be DV a fun day when I get to use this 
new to us stationary! 

Oh yes, also got the above pictured cream coloured teapot!
It is so cute and made in England! Pours really well!
We did not realize it had crazing on the outside so handwash only 
but the inside is great.... it's been a joy to use, as the one we had 
in our dutch (pillowed suitcase like with handle) teacozy from IKEA had broken
a month or so ago... 

We stayed at a hotel overnight (had a swimming pool! was so nice!
Shared the pool with 2 cute little girls and their parents) and 
had a nice time at the toy solider show before going back 
to our far-away church vigil...before church my Husband
had the fun idea of having an ice cream date
and then we ran into the lovely Romanian priest and daughter who 
are here for a short stay (almost up!) to study in the Princeton area... 
so we had dinner with them before vigil!
Yesterday was cleaning day...and taking care of all the VNA treasures...
Of course, life could not be simple, right?
Our AC is acting up so a man is coming this afternoon to look at it... of course
that meant I had to spend yesterday late afternoon and evening
emptying out the pantry, a huge job!

So our chapel/guestroom/library is now our pantry LOL....
Oh well, at least it will re-organized... 
And Mr Husband is home and that's super fun for me,
as I got to have lunch and breakfast with him....
So, that's a lot of what's been going on...
I still want to blog about the epic brunch I put on when my
goddaughter and her Mom were here... hopefully sometime soon!
These days are so busy that it's hard to keep up....
I have to accept that I still don't have sewing time or even a lot of reading time.
It was nice however to finally get this blog post done and record the special times
and special things we had right now.
It's so important to remember the blessings and not just the hard times one is in
and that is what this blog post is all about..... 


Paula said...

Wow, what a great score!! I love all the silver.

Mat. Anna said...

Wow! What an overwhelming set of finds!! You’re serious treasure hunters! 😀

Tracy said...

Oooo... sooo MANY beautiful finds!! LOVE all the silver...oh, the silverware set! "First Love"...things even had beautiful names way back when. Very nice idea you have for making up a picnic set with nice silverware, etc. Those Noritake bowls are GORGEOUS--love that pattern. And your pretty cake stand! I would like to find something like that-- a very simple cake plate with cake slice. I've tried the Ikea cake stands too, and they do not last long, do they?1 LOL... Those cheese cloches with marble and glass dome are lovely. And what a good idea for having a toy soldier collection in one for your husband. :) So fun to hear about your happy huntings and time away... and how CUTE is Cleo in the tote bag! ;) Much to enjoy just now... take the days as they come... God Bless you, my friend ((HUGS))