Friday, May 11, 2018

A friend came to lunch...

A friend came for lunch...
I was able to get dishes washed and the place picked up before
she came and that was a real blessing.
I had fun doing a simple lunch.
Mr Husband, while working from home 2x this week, like he used to,
did this only because the AC person was coming.
He works late the other days quite often now
and I know it is not his fault
in anyway, but it's hard for me.
But a blessing that my friend was able to come
for lunch and stay a while. 
We had veggie burgers, a simple salad, fruit,
chocolate, cookies and lots of tea. 
Well, it's the weekend now and My beloved Husband 
will be home with me and I am so very glad!
He truly is my best friend!


Mat. Anna said...

What a lovely lunch! 🙂 Cleo is so decorative.

My husband is my best friend too! ❤️

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Your table settings are always so beautiful!

Paula said...

It's cropping season, so I know what you mean. I get used to having him around (sometimes a bit too much) in the winter. The come cropping and he's gone till late (maybe see him for a 15 minute field lunch). I miss him even though he's only out in the field.

Lisa Richards said...

Practicing hospitality, I see! That window seat looks so inviting. :)