Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A little about today

It's another busy week.
Always lots to do after a whirlwind weekend.
And this afternoon I put together a corner shelf 
for our master bath.
It was frustrating until I understood how it worked.
Directions were not that great.
I am glad to have this shelf, humble as it's contents are!
The top shelf almost did not work out
as I misunderstood how it was put together
and the little plastic brackets got stuck and 
thank God there was 1 extra and I was able to use
packing tape to help the one that broke...
Tomorrow DV I am going to NYC after liturgy
for Mid-Pentecost. 
I am picking up DV some organizational things
for the linen closet. 
Thursday I am going to try to organize the linen closet better
and also our freezer/s... we will see how that goes!
Friday we are going DV to the VNA rummage sale!
We always manage to find some treasure there.
As usual, our personal unbloggable is still 
with a lot of ups and downs. 
We just try to be thankful for everyday and do our best in them.
Tonight at vespers I was given a beautiful icon of the
Mother of God and also of St John of Rila, a little one, 
and this is a comfort. 
Slowly we are making continued improvements to our home
and in organization... 
My parents hope to come DV in October and we hope to do a bit more
in terms of home improvements then.... 
we are making progress and our home is a real delight.
I thank God for it and for my life with my beloved Husband! 


Tracy said...

Sometimes it's the "little" things that can mean so much--even a new shelf in the bathroom! HOORAY that you were able to put this together--and by yourself! It's a really nice shelf! We have a VERY tiny bathroom, so storage is always an issue... so I understand! LOL... How love the gift of icons you received! May you can show us those soon? Wonderful new that your parents may be coming to visit later in the autumn--I pray so along with you. :) God BLESS you both everyday, with everything... ((HUGS))

Mat Anna said...

It’s nice to find something that works efficiently in a small space. Makes such a positive difference.

I look forward to seeing what you find at the VNA sale! You always find some fun things.