Thursday, May 03, 2018

Praying for an unknown man

My Husband was working late and walking to the PATH station in NYC tonight
and he saw a man have a heart attack. 
He called 911 and stayed with the man until the ambulance had come
and the man was on the stretcher.
He called me with the sound of ambulance sirens swirling around him,
he was trying to flag the ambulance down
and I could tell was overwhelmed but yet valiantly with the man
who was suffering all alone with no one he knew!
My Husband is now in NJ and nearly home.
Please pray for this suffering man alone in ambulance in NYC!


Mat Anna said...

May the Lord have mercy on him!

And hugs for your husband because that’s a stressful thing.

Lisa said...

Yes, yes! What a stress for this poor man, and your husband! But God gives us just what we need to accomplish these things. I hope your man had a good night after this. :)